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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare

Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare

Release Date: Sunday, December 1 1968 (53 years ago)
Portrait of Yoshihiko AoyamaYoshihiko Aoyama
Shinhachiro Mayama
Yoshihiko Aoyama was:
Portrait of Akane KawasakiAkane Kawasaki
Lady Chie
Akane Kawasaki was:
Portrait of Takashi KandaTakashi Kanda
Hyogo Isobe
Takashi Kanda was:
Portrait of Hideki HanamuraHideki Hanamura
Nebula Monster
Hideki Hanamura was:
Portrait of Chikara HashimotoChikara Hashimoto
Chikara Hashimoto was:
Portrait of Hiromi InoueHiromi Inoue
Hiromi Inoue was:
Portrait of Mari KandaMari Kanda
Mari Kanda was:
Portrait of Gen KimuraGen Kimura
Saheiji Kawano
Gen Kimura was:
Portrait of Hajime KimuraHajime Kimura
Hajime Kimura was:
Portrait of Gen KurokiGen Kuroki
Kappa (River Monster)
Gen Kuroki was:
Portrait of Ikuko MôriIkuko Môri
Rokutokubi (Long-Necked Monster)
Ikuko Môri was:
Portrait of Hinode NishikawaHinode Nishikawa
Lower Officer
Hinode Nishikawa was:
Portrait of Tokio OkiTokio Oki
Tokio Oki was:
Portrait of Asao UchidaAsao Uchida
Asao Uchida was:
Portrait of Hanji WakaiHanji Wakai
Gate Guard
Hanji Wakai was:
Portrait of Kenji WakaiKenji Wakai
Gate Guard
Kenji Wakai was:
Portrait of Yukiyasu WatanabeYukiyasu Watanabe
Yukiyasu Watanabe was:
Portrait of Keiko YukitomoKeiko Yukitomo
Futakuchi-onna (Two-Headed Woman)
Keiko Yukitomo was:
Portrait of Osamu ÔkawaOsamu Ôkawa
Iori Ohdate
Osamu Ôkawa was:
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