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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Sleepy Eyes of Death 8: Sword of Villainy

Sleepy Eyes of Death 8: Sword of Villainy

Release Date: Wednesday, November 9 1966 (55 years ago)
Portrait of Raizō IchikawaRaizō Ichikawa
Nemuri Kyoshiro
Raizō Ichikawa was:
Portrait of Shigeru AmachiShigeru Amachi
Shigeru Amachi was:
Portrait of Shiho FujimuraShiho Fujimura
Shiho Fujimura was:
Portrait of Kentaro KudoKentaro Kudo
Kentaro Kudo was:
Portrait of Ryûzô ShimadaRyûzô Shimada
Ryûzô Shimada was:
Portrait of Yasushi NagataYasushi Nagata
Senjûrô Shikibu
Yasushi Nagata was:
Portrait of Tatsuo EndōTatsuo Endō
Genshin Kusakabe
Tatsuo Endō was:
Portrait of Kôichi UenoyamaKôichi Uenoyama
Minokichi Ichimonjiya
Kôichi Uenoyama was:
Portrait of Ryōsuke KagawaRyōsuke Kagawa
Hikoemon Yahikoya
Ryōsuke Kagawa was:
Portrait of Kōichi MizuharaKōichi Mizuhara
Kōichi Mizuhara was:
Portrait of Gen TakasugiGen Takasugi
Gen Takasugi was:
Portrait of Shintarō NanjōShintarō Nanjō
Shintarō Nanjō was:
Portrait of Osamu SakaiOsamu Sakai
Osamu Sakai was:
Portrait of Kayo MikimotoKayo Mikimoto
Kayo Mikimoto was:
Portrait of Seishirō HaraSeishirō Hara
Seishirō Hara was:
Portrait of Kimiko TachibanaKimiko Tachibana
Kimiko Tachibana was:
Portrait of Jun FujikawaJun Fujikawa
Jun Fujikawa was:
Portrait of Tokio OkiTokio Oki
Tokio Oki was:
Portrait of Yoichi FunakiYoichi Funaki
Yoichi Funaki was:
Portrait of Shinji NunomeShinji Nunome
Shinji Nunome was:
Portrait of Hideki HanamuraHideki Hanamura
Hideki Hanamura was:
Portrait of Minori TsukasaMinori Tsukasa
Minori Tsukasa was:
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