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Poster of Lefty Fencer

Lefty Fencer

Release Date: Saturday, June 14 1969 (53 years ago)
Portrait of Michiyo OokusuMichiyo Ookusu
Michiyo Ookusu was:
Portrait of Kōjirō HongōKōjirō Hongō
Kōjirō Hongō was:
Portrait of Isamu NagatoIsamu Nagato
Isamu Nagato was:
Portrait of Asao KoikeAsao Koike
Asao Koike was:
Portrait of Kayo MikimotoKayo Mikimoto
Kayo Mikimoto was:
Portrait of Hōsei KomatsuHōsei Komatsu
Hōsei Komatsu was:
Portrait of Takashi KandaTakashi Kanda
Takashi Kanda was:
Portrait of Sonosuke SawamuraSonosuke Sawamura
Sonosuke Sawamura was:
Portrait of Natsuko OkaNatsuko Oka
Natsuko Oka was:
Portrait of Saburo DateSaburo Date
Saburo Date was:
Portrait of Manabu MoritaManabu Morita
Manabu Morita was:
Portrait of Gen KimuraGen Kimura
Gen Kimura was:
Portrait of Kenichiro SanadaKenichiro Sanada
Kenichiro Sanada was:
Portrait of Takuya KitanoTakuya Kitano
Takuya Kitano was:
Portrait of Ikuko MôriIkuko Môri
Ikuko Môri was:
Portrait of Yûsaku TerashimaYûsaku Terashima
Yûsaku Terashima was:
Portrait of Shôsaku SugiyamaShôsaku Sugiyama
Shôsaku Sugiyama was:
Portrait of Yukio HorikitaYukio Horikita
Yukio Horikita was:
Portrait of Yûji HamadaYûji Hamada
Yûji Hamada was:
Portrait of Tokio OkiTokio Oki
Tokio Oki was:
Portrait of Seishirō HaraSeishirō Hara
Seishirō Hara was:
Portrait of Teruko OmiTeruko Omi
Teruko Omi was:
Portrait of Shin'ya SaitôShin'ya Saitô
Shin'ya Saitô was:
Portrait of Kiyoshi KasugaKiyoshi Kasuga
Kiyoshi Kasuga was:
Portrait of Takeshi YabuuchiTakeshi Yabuuchi
Takeshi Yabuuchi was:
Portrait of Yoshitaka ItoYoshitaka Ito
Yoshitaka Ito was:
Portrait of Hideki HanamuraHideki Hanamura
Hideki Hanamura was:
Portrait of Yutaro BanYutaro Ban
Yutaro Ban was:
Portrait of Katsuyoshi BabaKatsuyoshi Baba
Katsuyoshi Baba was:
Portrait of Rieko OdaRieko Oda
Rieko Oda was:
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