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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Death Sentence

Death Sentence

Release Date: Wednesday, October 2 1974 (47 years ago)
Portrait of Cloris LeachmanCloris Leachman
Susan Davies
Cloris Leachman was:
Portrait of Laurence LuckinbillLaurence Luckinbill
Don Davies
Laurence Luckinbill was:
Portrait of Nick NolteNick Nolte
John Healy
Nick Nolte was:
Portrait of Alan OppenheimerAlan Oppenheimer
Alan Oppenheimer was:
Portrait of William SchallertWilliam Schallert
William Schallert was:
Portrait of Yvonne WilderYvonne Wilder
Elaine Croft
Yvonne Wilder was:
Portrait of Herb VolandHerb Voland
Lowell Hayes
Herb Voland was:
Portrait of Hope SummersHope Summers
Emily Boylan
Hope Summers was:
Portrait of Peter HobbsPeter Hobbs
Peter Hobbs was:
Portrait of Doreen LangDoreen Lang
Mrs. Cottard
Doreen Lang was:
Portrait of Murray MacLeodMurray MacLeod
Martin Gorman
Murray MacLeod was:
Portrait of Bing RussellBing Russell
Bing Russell was:
Portrait of Meg WyllieMeg Wyllie
Mae Sinclair
Meg Wyllie was:
Portrait of Lew BrownLew Brown
Mr. Bowman
Lew Brown was:
Portrait of C.J. HincksC.J. Hincks
Marilyn Healy
C.J. Hincks was:
Portrait of Vernon WeddleVernon Weddle
Vernon Weddle was:
Portrait of Robert CleavesRobert Cleaves
Dr. Braun
Robert Cleaves was:
Portrait of Jack CollinsJack Collins
Willis Wright
Jack Collins was:
Portrait of Dick WinslowDick Winslow
Dick Winslow was:
Portrait of Pat PattersonPat Patterson
Jury Guard
Pat Patterson was:
Portrait of Morgan EnglundMorgan Englund
Morgan Englund was:
Portrait of Dinah EnglundDinah Englund
Dinah Englund was:
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