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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of American Raspberry

American Raspberry

Release Date: Monday, September 12 1977 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Joanna CassidyJoanna Cassidy
Lisa Allen
Joanna Cassidy was:
Portrait of Warren OatesWarren Oates
Celebrity Sportsman
Warren Oates was:
Portrait of Harry ShearerHarry Shearer
Trucker's Friend
Harry Shearer was:
Portrait of Susan DoukasSusan Doukas
Loan Officer
Susan Doukas was:
Portrait of Nancy ParsonsNancy Parsons
Lady Mailperson
Nancy Parsons was:
Portrait of Peter KastnerPeter Kastner
Peter Kastner was:
Portrait of Mary SteelsmithMary Steelsmith
Count's Blond Girlfriend
Mary Steelsmith was:
Portrait of Paul ZeglerPaul Zegler
Suspicious Man
Paul Zegler was:
Portrait of Harris YulinHarris Yulin
Charles Conlin
Harris Yulin was:
Portrait of Alan WittertAlan Wittert
Paranoid Man
Alan Wittert was:
Portrait of Mike WagnerMike Wagner
Senator Simon
Mike Wagner was:
Portrait of Herb VolandHerb Voland
Admiral Taft
Herb Voland was:
Portrait of Lou TianoLou Tiano
Lou Tiano was:
Portrait of Cynthia SzigetiCynthia Szigeti
Cynthia Szigeti was:
Portrait of Ken SylkKen Sylk
Ken Sylk was:
Portrait of Jessica SwirnoffJessica Swirnoff
Jessica Swirnoff was:
Portrait of David SpielbergDavid Spielberg
Mr. Dorset
David Spielberg was:
Portrait of Craig Richard NelsonCraig Richard Nelson
Bud Schuler
Craig Richard Nelson was:
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