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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

What Women Want

What Women Want

Release Date: 2000-12-15 (20 years ago)
Mel Gibson
Nick Marshall
Mel Gibson was:
Helen Hunt
Darcy McGuire
Helen Hunt was:
Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei was:
Alan Alda
Dan Wanamaker
Alan Alda was:
Ashley Johnson
Alex Marshall
Ashley Johnson was:
Mark Feuerstein
Morgan Farwell
Mark Feuerstein was:
Lauren Holly
Lauren Holly was:
Delta Burke
Delta Burke was:
Valerie Perrine
Valerie Perrine was:
Judy Greer
Judy Greer was:
Sarah Paulson
Sarah Paulson was:
Ana Gasteyer
Sue Cranston
Ana Gasteyer was:
Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Edelstein was:
Loretta Devine
Loretta Devine was:
Diana Maria Riva
Diana Maria Riva was:
Eric Balfour
Eric Balfour was:
Andrea Baker
Office Intern
Andrea Baker was:
Robin Pearson Rose
Kitchen Secretary
Robin Pearson Rose was:
Christopher Emerson
Mail Room Kid
Christopher Emerson was:
Ashlee Turner
Woman in Library
Ashlee Turner was:
Sierra Pecheur
Woman at Lunch Counter
Sierra Pecheur was:
Joe Petcka
Man on Street
Joe Petcka was:
Brian Callaway
Man on Street
Brian Callaway was:
Coburn Goss
Man on Street
Coburn Goss was:
Christian Michel
Man on Street
Christian Michel was:
Perry Cavitt
Ogling Man
Perry Cavitt was:
Crystal McKinney
Unimpressed Woman
Crystal McKinney was:
Jeanne Marie Rice
Unimpressed Woman
Jeanne Marie Rice was:
Kathrin Middleton
Gigi's Friend
Kathrin Middleton was:
Logan Lerman
Young Nick Marshall
Logan Lerman was:
Kelly Cooper
Kelly Cooper was:
Palmer Davis
Palmer Davis was:
Katie Miller
Katie Miller was:
Dana Waters
Nick's Mom
Dana Waters was:
Gregory Cupoli
Male Role Model
Gregory Cupoli was:
Alexondra Lee
Woman in Pink Sweater
Alexondra Lee was:
Aviva Gale
Counter Girl
Aviva Gale was:
Shirley Prestia
Coffee Shop Customer
Shirley Prestia was:
T. J. Thyne
Coffee Shop Customer
T. J. Thyne was:
Norman H. Smith
Norman H. Smith was:
Audrey Wasilewski
Secretary with Danish / Kitchen Secretary
Audrey Wasilewski was:
Angela Oh
Jess, Dan's Secretary
Angela Oh was:
Robert Briscoe Evans
Robert Briscoe Evans was:
Chris Rolfes
Woman in Park
Chris Rolfes was:
Katie Kneeland
Woman in Park
Katie Kneeland was:
Jeanine O'Connell
Woman in Park
Jeanine O'Connell was:
Kelley Hazen
Woman in Park
Kelley Hazen was:
Brooke Elliott
Woman in Park
Brooke Elliott was:
Kristina Martin
Woman in Park
Kristina Martin was:
Harmony Rousseau
Sloane / Curtis Receptionist
Harmony Rousseau was:
Lisa Long
Sloane / Curtis Executive
Lisa Long was:
Heidi Helmer
Marshall Field's Shopper
Heidi Helmer was:
Marla Martensen
Marshall Field's Shopper
Marla Martensen was:
Sally Meyers Kovler
Marshall Field's Shopper
Sally Meyers Kovler was:
Ashley Quirico
Marshall Field's Shopper
Ashley Quirico was:
Regan Rohde
Marshall Field's Shopper
Regan Rohde was:
Liz Tannebaum
Marshall Field's Shopper
Liz Tannebaum was:
LeShay N. Tomlinson
Marshall Field's Shopper
LeShay N. Tomlinson was:
Cristine Rose
Sloane / Curtis Attorney
Cristine Rose was:
Arden Myrin
Darcy's Assistant
Arden Myrin was:
Rachel Duncan
Alex's Friend
Rachel Duncan was:
Alex McKenna
Alex's Friend
Alex McKenna was:
Regiane Gorski
Yoga Instructor
Regiane Gorski was:
Juliandra Gillen
Woman in Library
Juliandra Gillen was:
Lisa Anne Hillman
Woman in Library
Lisa Anne Hillman was:
Tracy Pacheco
Woman in Library
Tracy Pacheco was:
Jamie Gutterman
Jogger by Lake
Jamie Gutterman was:
Maggie Egan
Kitchen Secretary
Maggie Egan was:
Juanita Jennings
Kitchen Secretary
Juanita Jennings was:
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Girl at Lunch Counter
Hallie Meyers-Shyer was:
Kate Asner
Woman at Lunch Counter
Kate Asner was:
Caryn Greenhut
Woman at Lunch Counter
Caryn Greenhut was:
Jennifer Greenhut
Woman at Lunch Counter
Jennifer Greenhut was:
Marnie Mosiman
Woman at Lunch Counter
Marnie Mosiman was:
Nnenna Freelon
Nightclub Singer
Nnenna Freelon was:
Gil Hacohen
Gil Hacohen was:
Nancy Monsarat
Nike Executive
Nancy Monsarat was:
Jacqueline Thomas
Nike Executive
Jacqueline Thomas was:
Rory Byrne
Nike Executive
Rory Byrne was:
Victoria Garcia-Kelleher
Victoria Garcia-Kelleher was:
Gertrude Wong
Old Woman in Chinatown
Gertrude Wong was:
Andi Eystad
Girl at Prom
Andi Eystad was:
Greg Bronson
Upscale Pedestrian (uncredited)
Greg Bronson was:
Kira Coplin
Alex's Friend (uncredited)
Kira Coplin was:
Kiva Dawson
Showgirl (uncredited)
Kiva Dawson was:
David C. Fisher
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
David C. Fisher was:
Elizabeth Friedman
Classmate (uncredited)
Elizabeth Friedman was:
Melanie Good
Showgirl (uncredited)
Melanie Good was:
Drew Howerton
Boy at Prom (uncredited)
Drew Howerton was:
Kimberly Lyon
Showgirl (uncredited)
Kimberly Lyon was:
Krista McRoberts
Angela (uncredited)
Krista McRoberts was:
Bette Midler
Dr. J. M. Perkins (uncredited)
Bette Midler was:
Andy Schofield
Man in Park (uncredited)
Andy Schofield was:
Nancy Sinclair
Woman Getting Manicure (uncredited)
Nancy Sinclair was:
Melinda Songer
Dancer (uncredited)
Melinda Songer was:
Lauren Stewart
Gigi's Friend #3 (uncredited)
Lauren Stewart was:
Tracey Stone
Black-Haired Beauty (uncredited)
Tracey Stone was:
Dean Teaster
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Dean Teaster was:
Gena Vazquez
Marshall Field's Shopper (uncredited)
Gena Vazquez was:
Nancy Wetzel
Co-worker (uncredited)
Nancy Wetzel was:
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