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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

Release Date: 2001-08-05 (20 years ago)
Dan Aykroyd
Chris Magruder
Dan Aykroyd was:
Helen Hunt
Betty Ann Fitzgerald
Helen Hunt was:
Woody Allen
CW Briggs
Woody Allen was:
Charlize Theron
Laura Kensington
Charlize Theron was:
David Ogden Stiers
David Ogden Stiers was:
Brian Markinson
Brian Markinson was:
John Tormey
John Tormey was:
John Schuck
John Schuck was:
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley was:
Kaili Vernoff
Kaili Vernoff was:
Maurice Sonnenberg
Maurice Sonnenberg was:
Peter Gerety
Peter Gerety was:
Kevin Cahoon
Kevin Cahoon was:
Wallace Shawn
George Bond
Wallace Shawn was:
Vince Giordano
Rainbow Room All Star
Vince Giordano was:
Kenneth Edelson
Voltans Mitwirkender
Kenneth Edelson was:
Brian McConnachie
Voltans Mitwirkender
Brian McConnachie was:
Judy Gold
Voltans Mitwirkende
Judy Gold was:
Ira Wheeler
Kensington Gast
Ira Wheeler was:
Tina Sloan
Kensington Gast
Tina Sloan was:
Ramsey Faragallah
Fingerabdruck Kriminalbeamter
Ramsey Faragallah was:
Arthur J. Nascarella
Arthur J. Nascarella was:
Irwin Corey
Irwin Corey was:
Michael Mulheren
Herb Coopersmith
Michael Mulheren was:
Peter Linari
Joe Coopersmith
Peter Linari was:
Dan Moran
Dan Moran was:
Ray Garvey
Polizist in Dienststelle
Ray Garvey was:
John Doumanian
John Doumanian was:
Philip Levy
Kellner bei Rocky's
Philip Levy was:
Howard Alden
Rainbow Room All Star
Howard Alden was:
Ted Sommer
Rainbow Room All Star
Ted Sommer was:
Randy Sandke
Rainbow Room All Star
Randy Sandke was:
Peter Ecklund
Rainbow Room All Star
Peter Ecklund was:
Joel Helleny
Rainbow Room All Star
Joel Helleny was:
Chuck Wilson
Rainbow Room All Star
Chuck Wilson was:
Raymond Beckenstein
Rainbow Room All Star
Raymond Beckenstein was:
Lawrence Feldman
Rainbow Room All Star
Lawrence Feldman was:
Ken Peplowski
Rainbow Room All Star
Ken Peplowski was:
Carole Bayeux
Voltans Assistentin
Carole Bayeux was:
Herb Lovelle
Herb Lovelle was:
Rose Kensington
Carmen was:
Patrick Horgan
Kensington Gast
Patrick Horgan was:
Howard Erskine
Kensington Gast
Howard Erskine was:
Bob Dorian
Bob Dorian was:
Trude Klein
Kensigton Jungfrau
Trude Klein was:
Bruce Brown
Bruce Brown was:
Dick Hyman
Band Leader
Dick Hyman was:
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