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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

Release Date: 2011-04-08 (10 years ago)
AnnaSophia Robb
Bethany Hamilton
AnnaSophia Robb was:
Helen Hunt
Cheri Hamilton
Helen Hunt was:
Dennis Quaid
Tom Hamilton
Dennis Quaid was:
Carrie Underwood
Sarah Hill
Carrie Underwood was:
Kevin Sorbo
Holt Blanchard
Kevin Sorbo was:
Ross Thomas
Noah Hamilton
Ross Thomas was:
Chris Brochu
Timmy Hamilton
Chris Brochu was:
Lorraine Nicholson
Alana Blanchard
Lorraine Nicholson was:
Jeremy Sumpter
Jeremy Sumpter was:
Sonya Balmores
Malina Birch
Sonya Balmores was:
Craig T. Nelson
Dr. David Rovinsky
Craig T. Nelson was:
Cody Gomes
Cody Gomes was:
Branscombe Richmond
Ben Aipa
Branscombe Richmond was:
Titus Kinimaka
Titus Kinimaka was:
John Philbin
Fuel TV Reporter #2
John Philbin was:
Tahini Bartolome
Girl at Foodland
Tahini Bartolome was:
Bridget Tully
Mother at Foodland
Bridget Tully was:
Tiffany Hofstetter
Tiffany Hofstetter was:
Kelly Crean
Front Yard News Reporter
Kelly Crean was:
Dylan Slater
Turtle Bay Open Announcer
Dylan Slater was:
Annie Gerstenberger
Thailand Village Elder
Annie Gerstenberger was:
Sean McNamara
Rip Curl Executive
Sean McNamara was:
Yasmin Dar
Transworld Surf Reporter #1
Yasmin Dar was:
Christie Brooke
National Surf Fan #1
Christie Brooke was:
Cayla Moore
Surfer Girl #1
Cayla Moore was:
Moon Otteman
Surfer Girl #2
Moon Otteman was:
David Tice
Contest Official
David Tice was:
Wesley Mann
Wesley Mann was:
Patrick Richwood
Patrick Richwood was:
Kimberly-Rose Wolter
Kimberly-Rose Wolter was:
Kaleo Relator
Kaleo Relator was:
Irie Driscoll
Ukulele Girl #1
Irie Driscoll was:
Faith Fay
Media Gnat
Faith Fay was:
David Chokachi
Paramedic #1
David Chokachi was:
David Stanfield
Nationals Announcer #1
David Stanfield was:
Beau Hodge
Nationals Announcer #2
Beau Hodge was:
Dutch Hofstetter
Dutch Hofstetter was:
Michael Coots
Photoshoot Photograher
Michael Coots was:
Kaipo Guerrero
HI Regionals Announcer #1
Kaipo Guerrero was:
Rocky Canon
HI Regionals Announcer #2
Rocky Canon was:
Mark Kubr
ESPN Reporter
Mark Kubr was:
Kim Morgan Greene
Female Reporter
Kim Morgan Greene was:
Shelley Trotter
Nurse #2
Shelley Trotter was:
Arlene Newman
Cydney Blanchard
Arlene Newman was:
Bailey Nagy
Surfer Olivia Jenner
Bailey Nagy was:
Leilani Gryde
Surfer Zoe Madsen
Leilani Gryde was:
Kristen Steiner
Surfer Kaila Kahani
Kristen Steiner was:
Lauren Beach
Autograph Seeker (uncredited)
Lauren Beach was:
Davo Coria
Photographer #2 (uncredited)
Davo Coria was:
Christian Franklin
Keoki's Friend (uncredited)
Christian Franklin was:
Massi Furlan
(voice) (uncredited)
Massi Furlan was:
Sean Douglas Hoban
Photographer Assistant (uncredited)
Sean Douglas Hoban was:
Eric James
Keoki's Friend (uncredited)
Eric James was:
Jordan Kirkwood
Photographer (uncredited)
Jordan Kirkwood was:
Troy Manandic
Youth (uncredited)
Troy Manandic was:
Josh Margulies
Halloween Party Surfer (uncredited)
Josh Margulies was:
Stephen Meyers
Youth Group (uncredited)
Stephen Meyers was:
Alan Seabock
ESPN cameraman (uncredited)
Alan Seabock was:
Ingrid Seid
Surfer Fan (uncredited)
Ingrid Seid was:
Christopher Simms
News Photographer (uncredited)
Christopher Simms was:
Joe Toro
Paramedic #2 (uncredited)
Joe Toro was:
Roy Vongtama
Voice Artist (uncredited)
Roy Vongtama was:
Joseph Wilson
Kauai Local (uncredited)
Joseph Wilson was:
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