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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1977-06-10 (44 years ago)
George Segal
Harry Calder
George Segal was:
Richard Widmark
Agent Hoyt
Richard Widmark was:
Timothy Bottoms
Young Man
Timothy Bottoms was:
Henry Fonda
Simon Davenport
Henry Fonda was:
Susan Strasberg
Susan Strasberg was:
Helen Hunt
Tracy Calder
Helen Hunt was:
Dorothy Tristan
Dorothy Tristan was:
Harry Davis
Benny Neilson
Harry Davis was:
Stephen Pearlman
Bert Lyons
Stephen Pearlman was:
G.F. Rowe
Wayne Moore
G.F. Rowe was:
Wayne Tippit
Police Captain Christie
Wayne Tippit was:
Michael Bell
Michael Bell was:
Quinn K. Redeker
Owner #2
Quinn K. Redeker was:
Robert Quarry
Robert Quarry was:
Steve Guttenberg
Messenger (uncredited)
Steve Guttenberg was:
Craig Wasson
Hippie Boy
Craig Wasson was:
Russell Mael
Russell Mael was:
Ron Mael
Ron Mael was:
Richard Altman
Richard Altman was:
Gloria Calomee
Gloria Calomee was:
Jean Rasey
Girl in Line
Jean Rasey was:
Greg Elliot
Boy in Line
Greg Elliot was:
Tara Buckman
Coaster Attendant
Tara Buckman was:
Monica Lewis
Tourist Mother
Monica Lewis was:
Dick Wesson
Tourist Father
Dick Wesson was:
Bruce Kimball
Bomb Squad #1 (as Bruce Kimbell)
Bruce Kimball was:
Bruce French
Bomb Squad #2
Bruce French was:
Stephen Mendillo
Bomb Squad #3
Stephen Mendillo was:
Larry Holt
Bomb Squad #4
Larry Holt was:
Gene Tyburn
Bomb Squad #5
Gene Tyburn was:
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