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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Quarterback Princess

Quarterback Princess

Release Date: 1983-12-03 (37 years ago)
Helen Hunt
Tami Maida
Helen Hunt was:
Don Murray
Ralph Maida
Don Murray was:
Barbara Babcock
Judy Maida
Barbara Babcock was:
Dana Elcar
Mr. Caine
Dana Elcar was:
John Stockwell
Scott Massey
John Stockwell was:
Mary-Robin Redd
Mary-Robin Redd was:
Joshua Cadman
Joshua Cadman was:
Severn Darden
Mr. Hobart
Severn Darden was:
Carmen Argenziano
Ed Ainsworth
Carmen Argenziano was:
Nancy Parsons
Mrs. Klosterman
Nancy Parsons was:
Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins was:
Daphne Zuniga
Kim Maida
Daphne Zuniga was:
Holly Bressler
Jody Maida
Holly Bressler was:
Katherine Moir
Heidi Maida
Katherine Moir was:
Melanie Parker
Gidget Maida
Melanie Parker was:
Michael Currie
Michael Currie was:
Beau Dremann
B.J. Caine
Beau Dremann was:
Vincent Barbour
Vincent Barbour was:
John Wesley
George Watson
John Wesley was:
Kathleen Wilhoite
Kathleen Wilhoite was:
Jonna Lee
Jonna Lee was:
Scott Culbertson
Scott Culbertson was:
Alex Schrage
Alex Schrage was:
Paul Sinclair
Larry Fenwick
Paul Sinclair was:
Dominique Steffanoff
Dominique Steffanoff was:
Kim Carbone
Kim Carbone was:
Mary Marsh
Mrs. Upchurch
Mary Marsh was:
Anne Whitfield
Mrs. Wortham
Anne Whitfield was:
Cheryl Cantwell
Cheryl Cantwell was:
Brian Luttrell
Gas Station Attendant
Brian Luttrell was:
Dana Garrett
TV Newswoman
Dana Garrett was:
Rick Metzger
TV Interviewer
Rick Metzger was:
Pat Hellberg
TV Interviewer
Pat Hellberg was:
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