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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Project X

Project X

Release Date: 1987-04-17 (34 years ago)
Matthew Broderick
Jimmy Garrett
Matthew Broderick was:
Helen Hunt
Teri Macdonald
Helen Hunt was:
Willie was:
William Sadler
Dr. Carroll (as Bill Sadler)
William Sadler was:
Johnny Ray McGhee
Johnny Ray McGhee was:
Jonathan Stark
Sgt. Krieger
Jonathan Stark was:
Robin Gammell
Col. Niles
Robin Gammell was:
Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang was:
Jean Smart
Dr. Criswell
Jean Smart was:
Pamela Ludwig
Pamela Ludwig was:
Jules Sylvester
Jules Sylvester was:
Sonny Carl Davis
Sgt. Ridley
Sonny Carl Davis was:
Dick Miller
Max King
Dick Miller was:
Chuck Bennett
Gen. Claybourne
Chuck Bennett was:
Daniel Roebuck
Daniel Roebuck was:
Mark Harden
Amn. Lewis
Mark Harden was:
Duncan Wilmore
Maj. Duncan
Duncan Wilmore was:
Marvin Johnson
Marvin Johnson was:
Harry Northup
Harry Northup was:
Michael Eric Kramer
Lt. Voeks
Michael Eric Kramer was:
Reed R. McCants
Lt. Frohman
Reed R. McCants was:
Ward Costello
Ward Costello was:
Jackson Sleet
Jackson Sleet was:
Lance August
Lance August was:
Gil Mandelik
M. Perks
Gil Mandelik was:
Stan Foster
Stan Foster was:
Shelly Desai
Mr. Verrous
Shelly Desai was:
Michael Milgrom
Michael Milgrom was:
Catherine Paolone
Miss Decker
Catherine Paolone was:
John Chilton
Dr. Hutchins
John Chilton was:
David Raynr
Amn. Curtis
David Raynr was:
Lynn Eastman-Rossi
Sgt. Huntley
Lynn Eastman-Rossi was:
Kim Robillard
Lt. Rainey
Kim Robillard was:
David Stenström
Lt. Durschlag
David Stenström was:
Richard Cummings Jr.
Lt. Hayes
Richard Cummings Jr. was:
Randal Patrick
Randal Patrick was:
Bob Minor
Air Policeman
Bob Minor was:
Raymond Elmendorf
Air Policeman
Raymond Elmendorf was:
Robert Covarrubias
Rodriguez (MP)
Robert Covarrubias was:
Robert Dino Shorte
Jones (MP)
Robert Dino Shorte was:
Ken Lerner
Ken Lerner was:
Travis Swords
Travis Swords was:
William B. Snider
William B. Snider was:
Philip A. Roberson
Philip A. Roberson was:
Michael McGrady
Michael McGrady was:
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
Rob Roy Fitzgerald was:
Deborah Offner
Carol Lee
Deborah Offner was:
Lance E. Nichols
Lance E. Nichols was:
T. Rodgers
Brig MP
T. Rodgers was:
Jackie Roth
United Way Volunteer
Jackie Roth was:
Mady Kaplan
TV Announcer
Mady Kaplan was:
Chevis Cooper
Chevis Cooper was:
Ken Sagoes
Ken Sagoes was:
Luis A. Pérez
Luis A. Pérez was:
Sam Laws
Sam Laws was:
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