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Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married

Release Date: 1986-10-10 (34 years ago)
Kathleen Turner
Peggy Sue
Kathleen Turner was:
Nicolas Cage
Charlie Bodell
Nicolas Cage was:
Helen Hunt
Beth Bodell
Helen Hunt was:
Catherine Hicks
Carol Heath
Catherine Hicks was:
Joan Allen
Maddy Nagle
Joan Allen was:
Jim Carrey
Walter Getz
Jim Carrey was:
Barry Miller
Richard Norvik
Barry Miller was:
Barbara Harris
Evelyn Kelcher
Barbara Harris was:
Sofia Coppola
Nancy Kelcher
Sofia Coppola was:
Maureen O'Sullivan
Elizabeth Alvorg
Maureen O'Sullivan was:
Don Murray
Jack Kelcher
Don Murray was:
Kevin J. O'Connor
Michael Fitzsimmons
Kevin J. O'Connor was:
Lisa Jane Persky
Delores Dodge
Lisa Jane Persky was:
Lucinda Jenney
Rosalie Testa
Lucinda Jenney was:
Wil Shriner
Arthur Nagle
Wil Shriner was:
Leon Ames
Barney Alvorg
Leon Ames was:
Glenn Withrow
Glenn Withrow was:
Marshall Crenshaw
Reunion Band Musician
Marshall Crenshaw was:
John Carradine
John Carradine was:
Randy Bourne
Scott Bodell
Randy Bourne was:
Don Stark
Doug Stell
Don Stark was:
Ken Grantham
Mr. Snelgrove
Ken Grantham was:
Sigrid Wurschmidt
Sigrid Wurschmidt was:
Harry Basil
Harry Basil was:
Sachi Parker
Sachi Parker was:
Vivien Straus
Vivien Straus was:
Morgan Upton
Mr. Gilfond
Morgan Upton was:
Lewis Leibovich
Dr. Daly
Lewis Leibovich was:
Daniel R. Suhart
Chinese Waiter
Daniel R. Suhart was:
Dan Leegant
Lodge Member
Dan Leegant was:
Mary Leichtling
Reunion Receptionist
Mary Leichtling was:
Anna Ferguson
Anna Ferguson was:
Harrod Blank
Harrod Blank was:
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