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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Next of Kin

Next of Kin

Release Date: 1989-10-20 (31 years ago)
Patrick Swayze
Truman Gates
Patrick Swayze was:
Liam Neeson
Briar Gates
Liam Neeson was:
Adam Baldwin
Joey Rosselin
Adam Baldwin was:
Helen Hunt
Jessie Gates
Helen Hunt was:
Ted Levine
Willy Simpson
Ted Levine was:
Bill Paxton
Gerald Gates
Bill Paxton was:
Michael J. Pollard
Michael J. Pollard was:
Andreas Katsulas
John Isabella
Andreas Katsulas was:
Del Close
Del Close was:
Valentino Cimo
Valentino Cimo was:
Paul Greco
Paul Greco was:
Vincent Guastaferro
Vincent Guastaferro was:
Ben Stiller
Lawrence Isabella
Ben Stiller was:
Paul Herman
Tony Antonelli
Paul Herman was:
Don Herion
Don Herion was:
Don James
David Jenkins
Don James was:
Brett Hadley
De Witt
Brett Hadley was:
Rodney Hatfield
Rodney Hatfield was:
Richard Wharton
Richard Wharton was:
Kelly Blair
Kelly Blair was:
Charles Williams
Charles Williams was:
Michael Wise
Michael Wise was:
Joseph R. Ryan
Joseph R. Ryan was:
Anndrena Belcher
Anndrena Belcher was:
Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie was:
Nancy Jeffrey
Aunt Peg
Nancy Jeffrey was:
Tina Engle
Tina Engle was:
Kimberly Cole
Hollis' Wife
Kimberly Cole was:
Starla Fugate
Gerald's Girlfriend
Starla Fugate was:
Michael Sassone
Michael Sassone was:
Neil Giuntoli
Neil Giuntoli was:
Fred Crowther
Old Hillbilly
Fred Crowther was:
Billy Branch
Billy Branch was:
Celene Evans
Lady Bartender
Celene Evans was:
Michael Dizonno
Michael Dizonno was:
Tim Quill
TV Reporter
Tim Quill was:
Jack Kandel
Hillbilly Bartender
Jack Kandel was:
Sally Murphy
Sally Murphy was:
Mark Roberts
Furniture Mover
Mark Roberts was:
Patrick Balch
Young Boy (Kentucky)
Patrick Balch was:
Relioues Webb
Young Boy (Chicago)
Relioues Webb was:
Arlene Lencioni
Mrs. Isabella
Arlene Lencioni was:
Lew Way Chin
Violin Student
Lew Way Chin was:
Morgan Biscomb Melto
Violin Student
Morgan Biscomb Melto was:
Elizabeth Ruf
Woman in Bar
Elizabeth Ruf was:
Joelle Pasquale
Daughter #1
Joelle Pasquale was:
Mia Ferro
Daughter #2
Mia Ferro was:
Keela Gootee
Daughter #3
Keela Gootee was:
Pamela Prater
Selkirk's Wife
Pamela Prater was:
Mary Ann Berkhart
De Witt's Wife
Mary Ann Berkhart was:
Lisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi was:
Earl Stevens
Man with Shotgun and Dog
Earl Stevens was:
Alison Vesely
Reception Waitress
Alison Vesely was:
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