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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Release Date: 1995-04-21 (26 years ago)
David Caruso
Jimmy Kilmartin
David Caruso was:
Samuel L. Jackson
Calvin Hart
Samuel L. Jackson was:
Nicolas Cage
Little Junior Brown
Nicolas Cage was:
Helen Hunt
Bev Kilmartin
Helen Hunt was:
Kathryn Erbe
Rosie Kilmartin
Kathryn Erbe was:
Stanley Tucci
Frank Zioli
Stanley Tucci was:
Michael Rapaport
Ronnie Gannon
Michael Rapaport was:
Ving Rhames
Ving Rhames was:
Philip Baker Hall
Big Junior Brown
Philip Baker Hall was:
Anthony Heald
Jack Gold
Anthony Heald was:
Angel David
J. J.
Angel David was:
John Costelloe
John Costelloe was:
Lindsay J. Wrinn
Corinna (Toddler)
Lindsay J. Wrinn was:
Megan L. Wrinn
Corinna (Toddler)
Megan L. Wrinn was:
Katie Sagona
Corinna (4 Years Old)
Katie Sagona was:
Anne Meara
Bev's Mother
Anne Meara was:
Kevin Corrigan
Kid Selling Infinity
Kevin Corrigan was:
Hugh Palmer
Naked Man Dancing
Hugh Palmer was:
Hope Davis
Junior's Girlfriend
Hope Davis was:
Richard Price
City Clerk
Richard Price was:
Edward McDonald
U.S. Attorney
Edward McDonald was:
Alex Stevens
Convoy Drunk
Alex Stevens was:
Mark Hammer
Mark Hammer was:
Joe Lisi
Agent at Bungalow
Joe Lisi was:
Frank DiLeo
Big Junior's Friend
Frank DiLeo was:
Jason Andrews
Johnny A.
Jason Andrews was:
Sean G. Wallace
Bobby B.
Sean G. Wallace was:
Ed Trucco
Calvin's Partner
Ed Trucco was:
Bernadette Penotti
Molested Dancer
Bernadette Penotti was:
Debra J. Pereira
Sioux Dancer
Debra J. Pereira was:
Shiek Mahmud-Bey
Federal Agent
Shiek Mahmud-Bey was:
John C. Vennema
Angry Federal Agent
John C. Vennema was:
Tony Cucci
Junior's Crew #1
Tony Cucci was:
Allen K. Berstein
Junior's Crew #2
Allen K. Berstein was:
Lloyd Hollar
Prison Chaplain
Lloyd Hollar was:
Nicholas Falcone
Priest at Funeral
Nicholas Falcone was:
James McCauley
Cop Outside Bar
James McCauley was:
Michael Artura
Emergency Room Cop
Michael Artura was:
Tom Riis Farrell
EMS Supervisor
Tom Riis Farrell was:
Juliet Adair Pritner
Female Agent
Juliet Adair Pritner was:
Henry Yuk
Chinese Restaurant Owner
Henry Yuk was:
Chuck Margiotta
Escort at Cemetery #1
Chuck Margiotta was:
Jay Boryea
Escort at Cemetery #2
Jay Boryea was:
Dean Rader Duval
Sing Sing Guard
Dean Rader Duval was:
Jay O. Sanders
Federal Agent
Jay O. Sanders was:
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