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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Having Babies

Having Babies

Release Date: 1976-10-17 (44 years ago)
Desi Arnaz Jr.
Frank Gorman
Desi Arnaz Jr. was:
Adrienne Barbeau
Allie Duggin
Adrienne Barbeau was:
Ronny Cox
George McNamara
Ronny Cox was:
Harry Guardino
Ralph Bancini
Harry Guardino was:
Tom Kennedy
Hal Bergstrom
Tom Kennedy was:
Vicki Lawrence
Grace Fontreil
Vicki Lawrence was:
Richard Masur
Max Duggin
Richard Masur was:
Greg Mullavey
Mickey Paterno
Greg Mullavey was:
Linda Purl
Laura Gorman
Linda Purl was:
Jan Sterling
Mrs. Fontreil
Jan Sterling was:
Karen Valentine
Beth Paterno
Karen Valentine was:
Abe Vigoda
Al Schneider
Abe Vigoda was:
Jessica Walter
Sally McNamara
Jessica Walter was:
Lawrason Driscoll
Hobie Lewis
Lawrason Driscoll was:
Lyman Ward
Dr. Cabe
Lyman Ward was:
Dorothy Meyer
Admitting Nurse
Dorothy Meyer was:
Barry Miller
Kenneth McNamara
Barry Miller was:
Helen Hunt
Sharon McNamara
Helen Hunt was:
Steve Shaw
Mark McNamara
Steve Shaw was:
James Donahue
Mr. Johnson
James Donahue was:
Shera Danese
Kristy Potter
Shera Danese was:
Joseph G. Medalis
Dr. Gorman
Joseph G. Medalis was:
Allen Williams
Allen Williams was:
Allen Williams
Allen Williams was:
Florrie Segelman
Labor Nurse
Florrie Segelman was:
Mimi Harris
O.R. Nurse
Mimi Harris was:
Daniel Selby
Zach Fontreil (uncredited)
Daniel Selby was:
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