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Child Bride of Short Creek

Child Bride of Short Creek

Release Date: 1981-12-07 (39 years ago)
Christopher Atkins
Isaac King
Christopher Atkins was:
Diane Lane
Jessica Rae Jacobs
Diane Lane was:
Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt was:
Conrad Bain
Frank King
Conrad Bain was:
Kiel Martin
Bob Kalish
Kiel Martin was:
Warren Vanders
Jay Jacobs
Warren Vanders was:
Joan Shawlee
Isaac's Mother
Joan Shawlee was:
Dee Wallace
Mary Jacobs
Dee Wallace was:
Babetta Dick
Babetta Dick was:
Melinda Almquist
Melinda Almquist was:
Julianne Slocum
Julianne Slocum was:
C. Duane Tuft
C. Duane Tuft was:
Robert E. Hartenberger
Attorney General Ross
Robert E. Hartenberger was:
Alan Nash
Sheriff Beal
Alan Nash was:
Jay Bernard
Judge Sears
Jay Bernard was:
Karyn Christensen
Ada King
Karyn Christensen was:
Sharyn Christensen
Alma King
Sharyn Christensen was:
Rick Millikan
Boyd Paul
Rick Millikan was:
Heidi Bohay
Heidi Bohay was:
Trisha Lynn Tibbs
Trisha Lynn Tibbs was:
Scott S. Anderson
Town Boy
Scott S. Anderson was:
Robert Summerfrucht
Brethren #1
Robert Summerfrucht was:
Paolo Baiardi
Brethren #2
Paolo Baiardi was:
Stacey O'Brien
Church Singer (uncredited)
Stacey O'Brien was:
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