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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bob Roberts

Bob Roberts

Release Date: 1992-09-04 (29 years ago)
Tim Robbins
Bob Roberts
Tim Robbins was:
Giancarlo Esposito
Bugs Raplin
Giancarlo Esposito was:
Alan Rickman
Lukas Hart III
Alan Rickman was:
Ray Wise
Chet MacGregor
Ray Wise was:
Brian Murray
Terry Manchester
Brian Murray was:
Gore Vidal
Senator Brickley Paiste
Gore Vidal was:
Rebecca Jenkins
Delores Perrigrew
Rebecca Jenkins was:
Harry Lennix
Franklin Dockett
Harry Lennix was:
John Ottavino
Clark Anderson
John Ottavino was:
Robert Stanton
Bart Macklerooney
Robert Stanton was:
Kelly Willis
Clarissa Flan
Kelly Willis was:
Tom Atkins
Caleb Mneck
Tom Atkins was:
David Strathairn
Mack Laflin
David Strathairn was:
James Spader
Chuck Marlin
James Spader was:
Pamela Reed
Carol Cruise
Pamela Reed was:
Helen Hunt
Rose Pondell
Helen Hunt was:
Peter Gallagher
Dan Riley
Peter Gallagher was:
Jack Black
Roger Davis
Jack Black was:
Mark McGrath
Mark McGrath was:
Susan Sarandon
Tawna Titan
Susan Sarandon was:
Fred Ward
Chip Daley
Fred Ward was:
Steve Pink
Angry Protestor
Steve Pink was:
Fisher Stevens
Rock Bork
Fisher Stevens was:
John Cusack
Cutting Edge Host
John Cusack was:
Bob Balaban
Michael Janes
Bob Balaban was:
Ned Bellamy
Uzi Kornhauser
Ned Bellamy was:
Jeremy Piven
Candle Seller
Jeremy Piven was:
Brent Hinkley
Bif, The Patriot
Brent Hinkley was:
Matthew Faber
Matthew Faber was:
Anita Gillette
Mrs. Davis
Anita Gillette was:
Angela Hall
Choir Soloist
Angela Hall was:
Anthony Dileo Jr.
New York Reporter
Anthony Dileo Jr. was:
Lee Arenberg
Religious Zealot
Lee Arenberg was:
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