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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

As Good as It Gets

As Good as It Gets

Release Date: 1997-12-19 (23 years ago)
Jack Nicholson
Melvin Udall
Jack Nicholson was:
Helen Hunt
Carol Connelly
Helen Hunt was:
Greg Kinnear
Simon Bishop
Greg Kinnear was:
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Frank Sachs
Cuba Gooding Jr. was:
Skeet Ulrich
Vincent Lopiano
Skeet Ulrich was:
Shirley Knight
Beverly Connelly
Shirley Knight was:
Yeardley Smith
Jackie Simpson
Yeardley Smith was:
Lupe Ontiveros
Nora Manning
Lupe Ontiveros was:
Lawrence Kasdan
Dr. Green
Lawrence Kasdan was:
Harold Ramis
Dr. Bettes
Harold Ramis was:
Kathryn Morris
Psychiatric Patient
Kathryn Morris was:
Alison Rose
Psychiatric Patient
Alison Rose was:
Maya Rudolph
Maya Rudolph was:
Julie Benz
Julie Benz was:
Jimmy Workman
Sean from the Bakery
Jimmy Workman was:
Jamie Kennedy
Street Hustler
Jamie Kennedy was:
Brian Doyle-Murray
Brian Doyle-Murray was:
Peter Jacobson
Man at Table
Peter Jacobson was:
Jesse James
Spencer Connelly
Jesse James was:
Randall Batinkoff
Carol's date
Randall Batinkoff was:
Linda Gehringer
Linda Gehringer was:
Kaitlin Hopkins
Woman in Lobby
Kaitlin Hopkins was:
Lisa Edelstein
Woman at Table
Lisa Edelstein was:
Danielle Brisebois
Danielle Brisebois was:
Todd Solondz
Man on Bus
Todd Solondz was:
Matt Malloy
Men's Store Salesman
Matt Malloy was:
Tom McGowan
Maitre D'
Tom McGowan was:
Bibi Osterwald
Neighbor Woman
Bibi Osterwald was:
Ross Bleckner
Ross Bleckner was:
Bernadette Balagtas
Bernadette Balagtas was:
Jaffe Cohen
Jaffe Cohen was:
Laurie Kilpatrick
Laurie Kilpatrick was:
Alice Vaughn
Alice Vaughn was:
Shane Black
Cafe 24 Manager
Shane Black was:
Stan Bly
Cafe 24 Customer
Stan Bly was:
Missi Pyle
Cafe 24 Waitress
Missi Pyle was:
Tara Subkoff
Cafe 24 Waitress
Tara Subkoff was:
Rebekah Johnson
Cafe 24 Waitress
Rebekah Johnson was:
Leslie Stefanson
Cafe 24 Waitress
Leslie Stefanson was:
Patricia Childress
Cafe 24 Waitress
Patricia Childress was:
Wood Harris
Cafe 24 Busboy
Wood Harris was:
Chloe Brooks
Child at Cafe 24
Chloe Brooks was:
Cooper Brooks
Child at Cafe 24
Cooper Brooks was:
Kristi Zea
Mother at Table
Kristi Zea was:
Justin Herwick
Street Hustler
Justin Herwick was:
John F. O'Donohue
Detective Ray
John F. O'Donohue was:
Mary Elizabeth Still
Nurse Receptionist
Mary Elizabeth Still was:
Paul Greenberg
Bar Waiter
Paul Greenberg was:
David A. Kipper
Hospital Doctor
David A. Kipper was:
Antonia Jones
Antonia Jones was:
Alex Ballar
Flower Store Customer (uncredited)
Alex Ballar was:
Bronwyn Cornelius
Bartender (uncredited)
Bronwyn Cornelius was:
Amy Anzel
Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Amy Anzel was:
Laura Mayes Byrnes
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Laura Mayes Byrnes was:
Maurice LaMarche
Fred Bishop - Simon's Dad on Phone (voice) (uncredited)
Maurice LaMarche was:
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