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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Die Unbesiegbaren

Die Unbesiegbaren

Release Date: 1953-03-13 (68 years ago)
Willy A. Kleinau
Herr Schulz
Willy A. Kleinau was:
Alice Treff
Frau Schulz
Alice Treff was:
Werner Peters
Werner Peters was:
Karl Paryla
August Bebel
Karl Paryla was:
Erwin Geschonneck
Wilhelm Liebknecht
Erwin Geschonneck was:
Harald Mannl
Karl Frohme
Harald Mannl was:
Arno Paulsen
Hauptmann Bullerjahn
Arno Paulsen was:
Gerhard Bienert
Wachtmeister Vogt
Gerhard Bienert was:
Norbert Christian
Norbert Christian was:
Erna Sellmer
Frau Becker
Erna Sellmer was:
Agnes Kraus
Frau Voigt
Agnes Kraus was:
Wolf von Beneckendorff
Wolf von Beneckendorff was:
Tamara Osske
Tamara Osske was:
Kurt Oligmüller
Kurt Oligmüller was:
Hanns Groth
Hanns Groth was:
Wilhelm Koch-Hooge
Wilhelm Koch-Hooge was:
Hermann Mayer-Falkow
Hermann Mayer-Falkow was:
Erich Nadler
Erich Nadler was:
Michael von Newlinsky
Michael von Newlinsky was:
Walter Brandt
Walter Brandt was:
Heinz Hinze
Heinz Hinze was:
Karl Kendzia
Karl Kendzia was:
Lutz Götz
Lutz Götz was:
Herbert Rüdiger
Herbert Rüdiger was:
Heino Winkler
Heino Winkler was:
Walter Lendrich
Walter Lendrich was:
Rolf Ludwig
Rolf Ludwig was:
Ludwig Sachs
Ludwig Sachs was:
Hans Joachim Schölermann
Hans Joachim Schölermann was:
Heinz Scholz
Heinz Scholz was:
Angelika Hurwicz
Angelika Hurwicz was:
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