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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Believer

The Believer

Release Date: 2001-08-23 (20 years ago)
Portrait of Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling
Danny Balint
Ryan Gosling was:
Portrait of Summer PhoenixSummer Phoenix
Carla Moebius
Summer Phoenix was:
Portrait of Theresa RussellTheresa Russell
Lina Moebius
Theresa Russell was:
Portrait of Billy ZaneBilly Zane
Curtis Zampf
Billy Zane was:
Portrait of Garret DillahuntGarret Dillahunt
Garret Dillahunt was:
Portrait of A.D. MilesA.D. Miles
Guy Danielsen
A.D. Miles was:
Portrait of Glenn FitzgeraldGlenn Fitzgerald
Glenn Fitzgerald was:
Portrait of Elizabeth ReaserElizabeth Reaser
Elizabeth Reaser was:
Portrait of Joshua HartoJoshua Harto
Joshua Harto was:
Portrait of Ronald GuttmanRonald Guttman
Danny's Father
Ronald Guttman was:
Portrait of Heather GoldenhershHeather Goldenhersh
Heather Goldenhersh was:
Portrait of Joel GarlandJoel Garland
Joel Garland was:
Portrait of Kris EiversKris Eivers
Kris Eivers was:
Portrait of Dean StroberDean Strober
Dean Strober was:
Portrait of Judah LazarusJudah Lazarus
Judah Lazarus was:
Portrait of Tommy NohillyTommy Nohilly
Tommy Nohilly was:
Portrait of Sig LibowitzSig Libowitz
Rav Zingesser
Sig Libowitz was:
Portrait of Jacob GreenJacob Green
Young Danny
Jacob Green was:
Portrait of James McCaffreyJames McCaffrey
Young Avi
James McCaffrey was:
Portrait of Frank WintersFrank Winters
Young Stuart
Frank Winters was:
Portrait of Peter MeadowsPeter Meadows
Orthodox Student
Peter Meadows was:
Portrait of Chuck ArdezzoneChuck Ardezzone
Chuck Ardezzone was:
Portrait of Lucille PattonLucille Patton
Mrs. Frankel
Lucille Patton was:
Portrait of Michael MarcusMichael Marcus
Polish Man
Michael Marcus was:
Portrait of Roberto GariRoberto Gari
Ancient Jew
Roberto Gari was:
Portrait of John Wills MartinJohn Wills Martin
Hate Counselor
John Wills Martin was:
Portrait of David BaileyDavid Bailey
David Bailey was:
Portrait of Tibor FeldmanTibor Feldman
Rabbi Greenwalt
Tibor Feldman was:
Portrait of Jordan LageJordan Lage
Roger Brand
Jordan Lage was:
Portrait of Sascha KnopfSascha Knopf
Cindy Pomerantz
Sascha Knopf was:
Portrait of Henry BeanHenry Bean
Ilio Manzetti
Henry Bean was:
Portrait of Christopher KadishChristopher Kadish
Christopher Kadish was:
Portrait of Ebon Moss-BachrachEbon Moss-Bachrach
First Waiter
Ebon Moss-Bachrach was:
Portrait of Michael PortMichael Port
TV Reporter
Michael Port was:
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