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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Purple Violets

Purple Violets

Release Date: 2007-04-30 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Selma BlairSelma Blair
Patti Petalson
Selma Blair was:
Portrait of Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson
Brian Callahan
Patrick Wilson was:
Portrait of Edward BurnsEdward Burns
Michael Murphy
Edward Burns was:
Portrait of Debra MessingDebra Messing
Kate Scott
Debra Messing was:
Portrait of Dennis FarinaDennis Farina
Dennis Farina was:
Portrait of Dara ColemanDara Coleman
Silent Movie Actor
Dara Coleman was:
Portrait of Heather GoldenhershHeather Goldenhersh
Sassy Party-Goer
Heather Goldenhersh was:
Portrait of Sarah HudnutSarah Hudnut
Scare-a Sara
Sarah Hudnut was:
Portrait of Elizabeth ReaserElizabeth Reaser
Elizabeth Reaser was:
Portrait of Rosemarie DeWittRosemarie DeWitt
Murph's Hamptons fling
Rosemarie DeWitt was:
Portrait of Peter Van WagnerPeter Van Wagner
Mr. Sabatini
Peter Van Wagner was:
Portrait of P.T. WalkleyP.T. Walkley
Singer / Songwriter
P.T. Walkley was:
Portrait of Bob WiltfongBob Wiltfong
Bookstore Representative
Bob Wiltfong was:
Portrait of Donal LogueDonal Logue
Chazz Coleman
Donal Logue was:
Portrait of Jay PattersonJay Patterson
Michael's Agent
Jay Patterson was:
Portrait of Peter JacobsonPeter Jacobson
Monroe - Real estate agent
Peter Jacobson was:
Portrait of Joe PistoneJoe Pistone
Top Cat
Joe Pistone was:
Portrait of Bill HaderBill Hader
Bill - Bookstore Fan
Bill Hader was:
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