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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Ahead of the Class

Ahead of the Class

Release Date: 2005-08-05 (16 years ago)
Julie Walters
Marie Stubbs
Julie Walters was:
Reece Dinsdale
Sean Devlin
Reece Dinsdale was:
Tony Slattery
Stuart Stiles
Tony Slattery was:
Michelle Fairley
Sonia Venning
Michelle Fairley was:
Inday Ba
Trudy Gower
Inday Ba was:
Anton Lesser
Graham Ranger
Anton Lesser was:
Danny Nussbaum
Thomas Moreira
Danny Nussbaum was:
Hannah Yelland
Tracey O'Leary
Hannah Yelland was:
Adrian Rawlins
Tony Mackersie
Adrian Rawlins was:
Katherine Parkinson
Vicky Foley
Katherine Parkinson was:
Calum MacNab
Jason Foley
Calum MacNab was:
Bernard Holley
Bill Stubbs
Bernard Holley was:
Mercedes Grower
Alex Greer
Mercedes Grower was:
Alan McKenna
Simon Linder
Alan McKenna was:
Kate Lonergan
Maxine Horley
Kate Lonergan was:
Neville Jason
Canon Joseph
Neville Jason was:
Heather Craney
Nadine Stubbs
Heather Craney was:
Amy Jo Lamb
Debbie Campbell
Amy Jo Lamb was:
Frances Gold
Frances Gold was:
Heshima Thompson
Heshima Thompson was:
Daniel Anthony
Daniel Anthony was:
Jack Bence
Jack Bence was:
Tina Asihene
Tina Asihene was:
Bhima Bent
Bhima Bent was:
Gerard Canning
Father George Dangerfield
Gerard Canning was:
Amanda Fahy
Amanda Fahy was:
Gemma Lawrence
Gemma Lawrence was:
Kanana Kirimi
Beth Layland
Kanana Kirimi was:
Rosalind March
Tara Baker
Rosalind March was:
Martin Savage
Martin Savage was:
Charles Mnene
Charles Mnene was:
Luke Savva
Luke Savva was:
Gem Souleyman
Gem Souleyman was:
James Wong
James Wong was:
Stuart Antony
Chris Francis (uncredited)
Stuart Antony was:
Jason Frederick
Gang Boy
Jason Frederick was:
Dario Attanasio
Gang Boy
Dario Attanasio was:
Millie Foster
Marie's Granddaughter
Millie Foster was:
Clara Foster
Marie's Granddaughter
Clara Foster was:
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