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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of An American Crime

An American Crime

Release Date: Friday, July 27 2007 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Elliot PageElliot Page
Sylvia Likens
Elliot Page was:
Portrait of Catherine KeenerCatherine Keener
Gertrude Baniszewski
Catherine Keener was:
Portrait of Hayley McFarlandHayley McFarland
Jennifer Faye 'Jennie' Likens
Hayley McFarland was:
Portrait of Nick SearcyNick Searcy
Lester Likens
Nick Searcy was:
Portrait of Romy RosemontRomy Rosemont
Betty Likens
Romy Rosemont was:
Portrait of Ari GraynorAri Graynor
Paula Baniszewski
Ari Graynor was:
Portrait of Scout Taylor-ComptonScout Taylor-Compton
Stephanie Baniszewski
Scout Taylor-Compton was:
Portrait of Tristan JarredTristan Jarred
Johnny Baniszewski
Tristan Jarred was:
Portrait of Hannah LeighHannah Leigh
Shirley Baniszewski
Hannah Leigh was:
Portrait of Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford
Bradley Whitford was:
Portrait of James FrancoJames Franco
James Franco was:
Portrait of Scott EastwoodScott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood was:
Portrait of Michael O'KeefeMichael O'Keefe
Reverend Bill Collier
Michael O'Keefe was:
Portrait of Carlie WestermanCarlie Westerman
Marie Baniszewski
Carlie Westerman was:
Portrait of Michelle BenesMichelle Benes
Hope Orbach
Michelle Benes was:
Portrait of Jeremy SumpterJeremy Sumpter
Coy Hubbard
Jeremy Sumpter was:
Portrait of Brian GeraghtyBrian Geraghty
Brian Geraghty was:
Portrait of Channing NicholsChanning Nichols
Channing Nichols was:
Portrait of Michael WelchMichael Welch
Michael Welch was:
Portrait of Evan PetersEvan Peters
Ricky Hobbs
Evan Peters was:
Portrait of Amy FergusonAmy Ferguson
Amy Ferguson was:
Portrait of Will CarterWill Carter
Officer Waters
Will Carter was:
Portrait of Edward James GageEdward James Gage
Edward James Gage was:
Portrait of Patricia PlacePatricia Place
Mrs. Doyle
Patricia Place was:
Portrait of Paul GracePaul Grace
Cottin Candy Vendor (uncredited)
Paul Grace was:
Portrait of James MeehanJames Meehan
Defense Attorney (uncredited)
James Meehan was:
Portrait of Paul PaloPaul Palo
Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
Paul Palo was:
Portrait of Gary SieversGary Sievers
Carnie (uncredited)
Gary Sievers was:
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