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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Agnes


Release Date: Friday, December 10 2021 (this past year)
Portrait of Molly C. QuinnMolly C. Quinn
Sister Mary
Molly C. Quinn was:
Portrait of Jake HorowitzJake Horowitz
Jake Horowitz was:
Portrait of Hayley McFarlandHayley McFarland
Sister Agnes
Hayley McFarland was:
Portrait of Rachel TrueRachel True
Sister Ruth
Rachel True was:
Portrait of Zandy HartigZandy Hartig
Sister Honey
Zandy Hartig was:
Portrait of Chris BrowningChris Browning
Father Black
Chris Browning was:
Portrait of Ben HallBen Hall
Father Donaghue
Ben Hall was:
Portrait of Mary BussMary Buss
Mother Superior
Mary Buss was:
Portrait of Chris SullivanChris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan was:
Portrait of Sean GunnSean Gunn
Paul Satchimo
Sean Gunn was:
Portrait of Cait BraselCait Brasel
Sister Dodd
Cait Brasel was:
Portrait of Cheryl McConnellCheryl McConnell
Sister Claude
Cheryl McConnell was:
Portrait of Azrial GreeneAzrial Greene
Sister Mawd
Azrial Greene was:
Portrait of Rita ScrantonRita Scranton
Sister Gertrude
Rita Scranton was:
Portrait of Ginger GilmartinGinger Gilmartin
Ginger Gilmartin was:
Portrait of Bruce DavisBruce Davis
Bruce Davis was:
Portrait of Van QuattroVan Quattro
Father Exley
Van Quattro was:
Portrait of Chris FreihoferChris Freihofer
Father Cappa
Chris Freihofer was:
Portrait of Ron SutorRon Sutor
The Bishop
Ron Sutor was:
Portrait of Jacob SnovelJacob Snovel
Pete (uncredited)
Jacob Snovel was:
Portrait of Lorri BohnertLorri Bohnert
Comedy Club Patron (uncredited)
Lorri Bohnert was:
Portrait of Garrett O'BrienGarrett O'Brien
Grocery Store Shopper / Comedy Club Patron (uncredited)
Garrett O'Brien was:
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