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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Two Rode Together

Two Rode Together

Release Date: 1961-07-26 (60 years ago)
James Stewart
Marshal Guthrie McCabe
James Stewart was:
Richard Widmark
First Lt. Jim Gary
Richard Widmark was:
Shirley Jones
Marty Purcell
Shirley Jones was:
Linda Cristal
Elena de la Madriaga
Linda Cristal was:
Andy Devine
Sgt. Darius P. Posey
Andy Devine was:
John McIntire
Major Frazer
John McIntire was:
Paul Birch
Judge Edward Purcell
Paul Birch was:
Willis Bouchey
Mr. Harry J. Wringle
Willis Bouchey was:
Henry Brandon
Chief Quanah Parker
Henry Brandon was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Ortho Clegg
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Olive Carey
Mrs. Abby Frazer
Olive Carey was:
Ken Curtis
Greeley Clegg
Ken Curtis was:
Chet Douglas
Deputy Ward Corby
Chet Douglas was:
Annelle Hayes
Belle Aragon
Annelle Hayes was:
Woody Strode
Stone Calf
Woody Strode was:
John Qualen
Ole Knudsen
John Qualen was:
Jeanette Nolan
Mrs. Mary McCandless
Jeanette Nolan was:
Anna Lee
Mrs. Malaprop
Anna Lee was:
Ford Rainey
Rev. Henry Clegg
Ford Rainey was:
O. Z. Whitehead
Lt. Whitehead
O. Z. Whitehead was:
Regina Carrol
Regina Carrol was:
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