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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Trinity Is Still My Name

Trinity Is Still My Name

Release Date: 1971-10-21 (50 years ago)
Terence Hill
Terence Hill was:
Bud Spencer
Bud Spencer was:
Yanti Somer
Yanti Somer was:
Enzo Tarascio
Mitch, Sheriff
Enzo Tarascio was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Pupo De Luca
Pupo De Luca was:
Jessica Dublin
Jessica Dublin was:
Dana Ghia
Perla's Mother
Dana Ghia was:
Emilio Delle Piane
James Parker
Emilio Delle Piane was:
Enzo Fiermonte
Perla's Father
Enzo Fiermonte was:
Antonio Monselesan
Wildcat Hendricks
Antonio Monselesan was:
Franco Ressel
Maitre D'
Franco Ressel was:
Riccardo Pizzuti
Chief of the Dallas gunmen
Riccardo Pizzuti was:
Benito Stefanelli
Stingary Smith
Benito Stefanelli was:
Fortunato Arena
Parker Henchman
Fortunato Arena was:
Gérard Landry
Gérard Landry was:
Jean Louis
Jean Louis was:
Luigi Bonos
Bartender Ozgur
Luigi Bonos was:
Gildo Di Marco
Peasant injured by monks
Gildo Di Marco was:
Adriano Micantoni
Adriano Micantoni was:
Gilberto Galimberti
Poker player with eye patch
Gilberto Galimberti was:
Bruno Boschetti
Bruno Boschetti was:
Vittorio Fanfoni
Vittorio Fanfoni was:
Renzo Pevarello
Hitman at Mission (uncredited)
Renzo Pevarello was:
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