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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1993-12-25 (27 years ago)
Kurt Russell
Wyatt Earp
Kurt Russell was:
Val Kilmer
Doc Holliday
Val Kilmer was:
Sam Elliott
Virgil Earp
Sam Elliott was:
Bill Paxton
Morgan Earp
Bill Paxton was:
Powers Boothe
Curly Bill Brocius
Powers Boothe was:
Michael Biehn
Johnny Ringo
Michael Biehn was:
Charlton Heston
Henry Hooker
Charlton Heston was:
Jason Priestley
Billy Breckinridge
Jason Priestley was:
Jon Tenney
Jon Tenney was:
Stephen Lang
Ike Clanton
Stephen Lang was:
Thomas Haden Church
Billy Clanton
Thomas Haden Church was:
Dana Delany
Josephine Marcus
Dana Delany was:
Paula Malcomson
Allie Earp
Paula Malcomson was:
Lisa Collins
Louisa Earp
Lisa Collins was:
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Mattie Earp
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was:
Joanna Pacula
Joanna Pacula was:
Michael Rooker
Sherman McMasters
Michael Rooker was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Marshal Fred White
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Billy Bob Thornton
Johnny Tyler
Billy Bob Thornton was:
Tomas Arana
Frank Stillwell
Tomas Arana was:
Pat Brady
Milt Joyce
Pat Brady was:
Paul Ben-Victor
Paul Ben-Victor was:
John Philbin
Tom Mclaury
John Philbin was:
Robert John Burke
Frank McLaury
Robert John Burke was:
Billy Zane
Mr. Fabian
Billy Zane was:
Wyatt Earp
Billy Claiborne
Wyatt Earp was:
John Corbett
John Corbett was:
Bo Greigh
Wes Fuller
Bo Greigh was:
Forrie J. Smith
Pony Deal
Forrie J. Smith was:
Peter Sherayko
Texas Jack Vermillion
Peter Sherayko was:
Buck Taylor
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Buck Taylor was:
Terry O'Quinn
Mayor John Clum
Terry O'Quinn was:
Charles Schneider
Professor Gillman
Charles Schneider was:
Gary Clarke
Crawley Dake
Gary Clarke was:
Billy Joe Patton
Billy Joe Patton was:
Frank Stallone
Ed Bailey
Frank Stallone was:
Bobby Joe McFadden
1st Gambler
Bobby Joe McFadden was:
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. was:
Grant Wheeler
Grant Wheeler was:
Stephen C. Foster
Hank Swilling
Stephen C. Foster was:
Grant James
Dr. Goodfellow
Grant James was:
Don Collier
High Roller
Don Collier was:
Cecil Hoffman
Lucinda Hobbs
Cecil Hoffman was:
Christopher Mitchum
Ranch Hand
Christopher Mitchum was:
Sanford Gibbons
Father Feeney
Sanford Gibbons was:
Shane McCabe
Audience Member
Shane McCabe was:
Robert Mitchum
Narrator (voice)
Robert Mitchum was:
Michelle Beauchamp
Mexican Bride (uncredited)
Michelle Beauchamp was:
Nikki Pelley
Emigrant Mother (uncredited)
Nikki Pelley was:
Cynthia Shope
Dancer (uncredited)
Cynthia Shope was:
J. Nathan Simmons
Townsman (uncredited)
J. Nathan Simmons was:
Thadd Turner
Townsman (uncredited)
Thadd Turner was:
Michael Wise
Emigrant (uncredited)
Michael Wise was:
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