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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Way West

The Way West

Release Date: 1967-05-24 (54 years ago)
Kirk Douglas
Sen. William J. Tadlock
Kirk Douglas was:
Robert Mitchum
Dick Summers
Robert Mitchum was:
Richard Widmark
Lije Evans
Richard Widmark was:
Lola Albright
Rebecca 'Becky' Evans
Lola Albright was:
Jack Elam
Preacher Weatherby
Jack Elam was:
Stubby Kaye
Sam Fairman
Stubby Kaye was:
Michael McGreevey
Brownie Evans
Michael McGreevey was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Mr. McBee
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Connie Sawyer
Mrs. McBee
Connie Sawyer was:
Michael Witney
Johnnie Mack
Michael Witney was:
William Lundigan
Michael Moynihan
William Lundigan was:
Elisabeth Fraser
Mrs. Fairman
Elisabeth Fraser was:
John Mitchum
Little Henry
John Mitchum was:
Patric Knowles
Captain Grant
Patric Knowles was:
Hal Lynch
Big Henry
Hal Lynch was:
Timothy Scott
Middle Henry
Timothy Scott was:
Roy Glenn
Roy Glenn was:
Paul Lukather
Mr. Turley
Paul Lukather was:
Stefan Arngrim
William J. Tadlock Jr.
Stefan Arngrim was:
Roy Barcroft
Mr. Masters
Roy Barcroft was:
Eve McVeagh
Mrs. Masters
Eve McVeagh was:
Peggy Stewart
Mrs. Turley
Peggy Stewart was:
Anne Barton
Mrs. Moynihan
Anne Barton was:
Nick Cravat
Nick Cravat was:
Michael Keep
Indian Brave
Michael Keep was:
Mike Lane
Sioux Chief (as Michael Lane)
Mike Lane was:
Sally Field
Mercy McBee
Sally Field was:
Katherine Justice
Amanda Mack
Katherine Justice was:
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