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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo

Release Date: 1959-03-17 (62 years ago)
John Wayne
John Chance
John Wayne was:
Dean Martin
Dean Martin was:
Ricky Nelson
Colorado Ryan
Ricky Nelson was:
Angie Dickinson
Angie Dickinson was:
Walter Brennan
Walter Brennan was:
Ward Bond
Pat Wheeler
Ward Bond was:
John Russell
Nathan Burdette
John Russell was:
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez
Carlos Robante
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez was:
Estelita Rodriguez
Consuela Robante
Estelita Rodriguez was:
Claude Akins
Joe Burdette
Claude Akins was:
Malcolm Atterbury
Malcolm Atterbury was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Walter Barnes
Charlie (uncredited)
Walter Barnes was:
George Bell
Barfly (uncredited)
George Bell was:
Noble Chissell
Barfly (uncredited)
Noble Chissell was:
Cecil Combs
Barfly (uncredited)
Cecil Combs was:
Myron Healey
Barfly (uncredited)
Myron Healey was:
Cactus Mack
Barfly (uncredited)
Cactus Mack was:
Mathew McCue
Barfly (uncredited)
Mathew McCue was:
Frank Mills
Barfly (uncredited)
Frank Mills was:
Kansas Moehring
Barfly (uncredited)
Kansas Moehring was:
Jack Perry
Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Perry was:
Danny Sands
Barfly (uncredited)
Danny Sands was:
Sailor Vincent
Barfly (uncredited)
Sailor Vincent was:
Bob Whitney
Barfly (uncredited)
Bob Whitney was:
Nesdon Booth
Nesdon Booth was:
Robert Donner
Robert Donner was:
Ted White
Ted White was:
George Bruggeman
Clem (uncredited)
George Bruggeman was:
Ralph Bucko
Barber (uncredited)
Ralph Bucko was:
Yakima Canutt
Gunman on Horse (uncredited)
Yakima Canutt was:
Chuck Roberson
Gunman (uncredited)
Chuck Roberson was:
Albert Cavens
Henchman (uncredited)
Albert Cavens was:
Tom Monroe
Henchman (uncredited)
Tom Monroe was:
Fred Graham
2nd Burdette Man in Shootout (uncredited)
Fred Graham was:
Eugene Iglesias
1st Burdette Man in Shootout (uncredited)
Eugene Iglesias was:
Joe Gray
Card Player (uncredited)
Joe Gray was:
Dean Smith
Card-Playing Burdette Henchman (uncredited)
Dean Smith was:
Riley Hill
Messenger (uncredited)
Riley Hill was:
Richard LaMarr
Minor Role (uncredited)
Richard LaMarr was:
Gordon Mitchell
Bar Cowboy Watching Fistfight (uncredited)
Gordon Mitchell was:
Bob Reeves
Bartender (uncredited)
Bob Reeves was:
Bing Russell
Cowboy Murdered in Saloon (uncredited)
Bing Russell was:
Bob Steele
Matt Harris (uncredited)
Bob Steele was:
Bud Cokes
Barfly (uncredited)
Bud Cokes was:
David O. McCall
Bartender (uncredited)
David O. McCall was:
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