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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Man of the East

Man of the East

Release Date: 1972-09-28 (49 years ago)
Terence Hill
Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore
Terence Hill was:
Gregory Walcott
Bull Schmidt
Gregory Walcott was:
Yanti Somer
Candida Olsen
Yanti Somer was:
Dominic Barto
Monkey Smith
Dominic Barto was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Holy Joe
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Enzo Fiermonte
Frank Olsen
Enzo Fiermonte was:
Danika La Loggia
Danika La Loggia was:
Riccardo Pizzuti
Morton Clayton
Riccardo Pizzuti was:
Jean Louis
Prison Warden
Jean Louis was:
Alessandro Sperli
Alessandro Sperli was:
Salvatore Borgese
Bounty Hunter
Salvatore Borgese was:
Steffen Zacharias
Man with Coach
Steffen Zacharias was:
Luigi Casellato
Guesthouse Patron
Luigi Casellato was:
Pupo De Luca
Prison Director
Pupo De Luca was:
Rigal Suzanne Leone
Rigal Suzanne Leone was:
François René Gerber
François René Gerber was:
Furio Meniconi
Rancher on Train
Furio Meniconi was:
Fortunato Arena
Danny Dillman
Fortunato Arena was:
Dalusa Harris
Dalusa Harris was:
Bernard Farber
Card players during worship
Bernard Farber was:
Luigi Antonio Guerra
Luigi Antonio Guerra was:
John Bartha
John Bartha was:
Mario Dionisi
Morton Henchman
Mario Dionisi was:
Spartaco Conversi
Austin Henchman
Spartaco Conversi was:
Giancarlo Nacinelli
Giancarlo Nacinelli was:
Claudio Ruffini
Padrone del saloon
Claudio Ruffini was:
Muriel Bauducco
Muriel Bauducco was:
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