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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

3 Godfathers

3 Godfathers

Release Date: 1948-12-31 (72 years ago)
John Wayne
Robert Marmaduke Hightower
John Wayne was:
Pedro Armendáriz
Pedro 'Pete' Roca Fuerte
Pedro Armendáriz was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
William Kearney ('The Abilene Kid')
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Ward Bond
Perley 'Buck' Sweet
Ward Bond was:
Mae Marsh
Mrs. Perley Sweet
Mae Marsh was:
Mildred Natwick
The Mother
Mildred Natwick was:
Jane Darwell
Miss Florie
Jane Darwell was:
Guy Kibbee
Guy Kibbee was:
Dorothy Ford
Ruby Latham
Dorothy Ford was:
Ben Johnson
Posse man #1
Ben Johnson was:
Charles Halton
Oliver Latham
Charles Halton was:
Hank Worden
Deputy Curly
Hank Worden was:
Jack Pennick
Jack Pennick was:
Fred Libby
Fred Libby was:
Michael Dugan
Posse Man #2
Michael Dugan was:
Don Summers
Posse Man #3
Don Summers was:
Gertrude Astor
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Gertrude Astor was:
Richard Hageman
Saloon Pianist (uncredited)
Richard Hageman was:
Nora Bush
Townswoman (uncredited)
Nora Bush was:
Eva Novak
Townswoman (uncredited)
Eva Novak was:
Charles Soldani
Townsman (uncredited)
Charles Soldani was:
Ruth Clifford
Woman in Bar (uncredited)
Ruth Clifford was:
Jack Curtis
Bartender (uncredited)
Jack Curtis was:
Harry Tenbrook
Bartender (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook was:
Tex Driscoll
Barfly (uncredited)
Tex Driscoll was:
Jack Kenny
Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Kenny was:
Jack Mower
Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Mower was:
Francis Ford
Drunk (uncredited)
Francis Ford was:
Cliff Lyons
Guard at Mojave Tanks (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons was:
Amelia Yelda
Robert William Pedro Hightower (the Baby) (uncredited)
Amelia Yelda was:
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