Poster of Hypnos


Plot: Two lovers find themselves in a love triangle.
Release Date: Saturday, November 12 2016
7 years ago
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Portrait of Jaakko VäisänenJaakko Väisänen
Jaakko Väisänen was
>> in Hypnos
as 'Henri'.
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Seppo PaajanenSeppo Paajanen
Seppo Paajanen was
>> in Hypnos
as 'Samuel'.
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of Juho AittanenJuho Aittanen
Juho Aittanen was
>> in Hypnos
as 'Director, Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of H.P. LovecraftH.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft would have been no older than
46 in Hypnos
as 'Writer'
Tue, Aug 19 1890 –
Mon, Mar 15 1937