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Ancient Lore

Plot: Troubled waters and accursed thaumaturges: Lovecraft's haunting vision of the sea and the unfathomable mysteries that lie within its depths, but also the ancient lore hidden beneath the waters.
Release Date: Thursday, October 5 2023
Released within the last year
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Portrait of Bernhard PlankBernhard Plank
Bernhard Plank was
>> in Ancient Lore
as 'Narrator'.
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of Patrick MüllerPatrick Müller
Patrick Müller was
>> in Ancient Lore
as 'Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of H.P. LovecraftH.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft would have been no older than
46 in Ancient Lore
as 'Writer'
Tue, Aug 19 1890 –
Mon, Mar 15 1937
Portrait of Carlos EbelhäuserCarlos Ebelhäuser
Carlos Ebelhäuser was
>> in Ancient Lore
as 'Music'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Bjoern CandidusBjoern Candidus
Bjoern Candidus was
>> in Ancient Lore
as 'Art Designer'
Unknown Birthday