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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

To Dorothy, a Son

To Dorothy, a Son

Release Date: 1954-10-31 (67 years ago)
Shelley Winters
Myrtle La Mar
Shelley Winters was:
Peggy Cummins
Dorothy Rapallo
Peggy Cummins was:
John Gregson
Tony Rapallo
John Gregson was:
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Mona Washbourne
Midwife Appleby
Mona Washbourne was:
Maurice Kaufmann
Elmer the Pianist
Maurice Kaufmann was:
Joan Sims
Telephone Operator
Joan Sims was:
Aubrey Mather
Dr. Cameron
Aubrey Mather was:
Hal Osmond
Livingston Potts
Hal Osmond was:
Hartley Power
Cy Daniel
Hartley Power was:
John Warren
John Warren was:
Fred Berger
Fred Berger was:
Dorothy Bramhall
Starke's Secretary
Dorothy Bramhall was:
Nicholas Parsons
Passport Official
Nicholas Parsons was:
Ronald Adam
Ronald Adam was:
Martin Miller
Martin Miller was:
Alfie Bass
Cab Driver
Alfie Bass was:
Anthony Oliver
Express Reporter
Anthony Oliver was:
Meredith Edwards
Meredith Edwards was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Grace Denbigh Russell
Spinster (uncredited)
Grace Denbigh Russell was:
Charles Hawtrey
Waiter at Pub
Charles Hawtrey was:
Bartlett Mullins
Mechanic (uncredited)
Bartlett Mullins was:
Campbell Singer
Pub Landlord
Campbell Singer was:
Gudrun Ure
Cy Daniel's Secretary (uncredited)
Gudrun Ure was:
Joan Hickson
Pub Landlady
Joan Hickson was:
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