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Poster of The Million Pound Note

The Million Pound Note

Release Date: Thursday, January 7 1954 (69 years ago)
Portrait of Gregory PeckGregory Peck
Henry Adams
Gregory Peck was:
Portrait of Ronald SquireRonald Squire
Oliver Montpelier
Ronald Squire was:
Portrait of Joyce GrenfellJoyce Grenfell
Duchess of Cromarty
Joyce Grenfell was:
Portrait of A.E. MatthewsA.E. Matthews
Duke of Frognal
A.E. Matthews was:
Portrait of Maurice DenhamMaurice Denham
Jonathan Reid
Maurice Denham was:
Portrait of Reginald BeckwithReginald Beckwith
Reginald Beckwith was:
Portrait of Brian OultonBrian Oulton
Brian Oulton was:
Portrait of John SlaterJohn Slater
John Slater was:
Portrait of Hartley PowerHartley Power
Lloyd Hastings
Hartley Power was:
Portrait of George DevineGeorge Devine
Chop House Proprietor
George Devine was:
Portrait of Bryan ForbesBryan Forbes
Bryan Forbes was:
Portrait of Gudrun UreGudrun Ure
Gudrun Ure was:
Portrait of Hugh WakefieldHugh Wakefield
Duke of Cromarty
Hugh Wakefield was:
Portrait of Wilfrid Hyde-WhiteWilfrid Hyde-White
Roderick Montpelier
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Portrait of Jane GriffithsJane Griffiths
Portia Lansdowne
Jane Griffiths was:
Portrait of Ronald AdamRonald Adam
Samuel Clements
Ronald Adam was:
Portrait of Hugh GriffithHugh Griffith
Hugh Griffith was:
Portrait of Christopher HewettChristopher Hewett
Irate Investor
Christopher Hewett was:
Portrait of Ernest ThesigerErnest Thesiger
Mr. Garrett, Bank Director
Ernest Thesiger was:
Portrait of Ronnie CorbettRonnie Corbett
Ronnie Corbett was:
Portrait of Larry DannLarry Dann
Larry Dann was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Chief Assistant at Tailor Shop
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of Willoughby GoddardWilloughby Goddard
Willoughby Goddard was:
Portrait of Harold GoodwinHarold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin was:
Portrait of May HallattMay Hallatt
Hysterical Woman at Bumbles Hotel
May Hallatt was:
Portrait of Joan HicksonJoan Hickson
Joan Hickson was:
Portrait of Hugh LatimerHugh Latimer
Bumbles Hotel Receptionist
Hugh Latimer was:
Portrait of Eliot MakehamEliot Makeham
Consulate Official
Eliot Makeham was:
Portrait of Percy MarmontPercy Marmont
Lord Hurlingham
Percy Marmont was:
Portrait of Gibb McLaughlinGibb McLaughlin
Sir William Collinge
Gibb McLaughlin was:
Portrait of Laurence NaismithLaurence Naismith
Walter Craddock
Laurence Naismith was:
Portrait of Hal OsmondHal Osmond
Hal Osmond was:
Portrait of Mona WashbourneMona Washbourne
Mum with Pram
Mona Washbourne was:
Portrait of Ian WilsonIan Wilson
Ian Wilson was:
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