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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Traveller's Joy

Traveller's Joy

Release Date: 1950-12-25 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Googie WithersGoogie Withers
Bumble Pelham
Googie Withers was:
Portrait of John McCallumJohn McCallum
Reggie Pelham
John McCallum was:
Portrait of Yolande DonlanYolande Donlan
Lil Fowler
Yolande Donlan was:
Portrait of Maurice DenhamMaurice Denham
Maurice Denham was:
Portrait of Colin GordonColin Gordon
Tom Wright
Colin Gordon was:
Portrait of Gerard HeinzGerard Heinz
Gerard Heinz was:
Portrait of Geoffrey SumnerGeoffrey Sumner
Lord Tilbrook
Geoffrey Sumner was:
Portrait of Peter IllingPeter Illing
Peter Illing was:
Portrait of Dora BryanDora Bryan
Dora Bryan was:
Portrait of Grey BlakeGrey Blake
Grey Blake was:
Portrait of Gerik SchjelderupGerik Schjelderup
Gerik Schjelderup was:
Portrait of Clive MortonClive Morton
Clive Morton was:
Portrait of Anthony ForwoodAnthony Forwood
Nick Rafferty
Anthony Forwood was:
Portrait of Anthony HollesAnthony Holles
Head Waiter
Anthony Holles was:
Portrait of Sandra DorneSandra Dorne
Flower Shop Assistant
Sandra Dorne was:
Portrait of Eric PohlmannEric Pohlmann
Eric Pohlmann was:
Portrait of Philo HauserPhilo Hauser
Philo Hauser was:
Portrait of Zola LassonZola Lasson
Zola Lasson was:
Portrait of Hal OsmondHal Osmond
Lapp Cameraman (uncredited)
Hal Osmond was:
Portrait of Robert Brooks TurnerRobert Brooks Turner
Majordomo (uncredited)
Robert Brooks Turner was:
Portrait of Gerald AndersenGerald Andersen
Gerald Andersen was:
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