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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Easy Money

Easy Money

Release Date: 1948-01-20 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Jack WarnerJack Warner
Philip Stafford
Jack Warner was:
Portrait of Greta GyntGreta Gynt
Pat Parsons
Greta Gynt was:
Portrait of Marjorie FieldingMarjorie Fielding
Ruth Stafford
Marjorie Fielding was:
Portrait of Yvonne OwenYvonne Owen
Carol Stafford
Yvonne Owen was:
Portrait of Jack WatlingJack Watling
Dennis Stafford
Jack Watling was:
Portrait of Petula ClarkPetula Clark
Jackie Stafford
Petula Clark was:
Portrait of Mabel ConstandurosMabel Constanduros
Grandma Stafford
Mabel Constanduros was:
Portrait of David TomlinsonDavid Tomlinson
Martin Latham
David Tomlinson was:
Portrait of Maurice DenhamMaurice Denham
Detective-Inspector Kirby
Maurice Denham was:
Portrait of Mervyn JohnsMervyn Johns
Herbert Atkins
Mervyn Johns was:
Portrait of Dennis PriceDennis Price
Joe Henty
Dennis Price was:
Portrait of Joan YoungJoan Young
Agnes Atkins
Joan Young was:
Portrait of Gordon McLeodGordon McLeod
Mr. Cameron
Gordon McLeod was:
Portrait of Grey BlakeGrey Blake
Grey Blake was:
Portrait of Bill OwenBill Owen
Mr. Lee
Bill Owen was:
Portrait of Edward RigbyEdward Rigby
Edward Ball
Edward Rigby was:
Portrait of Guy RolfeGuy Rolfe
Guy Rolfe was:
Portrait of Raymond LovellRaymond Lovell
Cyprus, the conductor
Raymond Lovell was:
Portrait of Ernest ButcherErnest Butcher
Ernest Butcher was:
Portrait of Hugh PryseHugh Pryse
Hugh Pryse was:
Portrait of Jack RaineJack Raine
Managing Director
Jack Raine was:
Portrait of Richard MolinasRichard Molinas
Richard Molinas was:
Portrait of Frank CellierFrank Cellier
Frank Cellier was:
Portrait of John BlytheJohn Blythe
2nd Waiter (uncredited)
John Blythe was:
Portrait of Dennis HarkinDennis Harkin
1st Waiter (uncredited)
Dennis Harkin was:
Portrait of David HorneDavid Horne
Mr. Hessian (voice) (uncredited)
David Horne was:
Portrait of Constance SmithConstance Smith
Wilson's Secretary (uncredited)
Constance Smith was:
Portrait of Geoffrey SumnerGeoffrey Sumner
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Geoffrey Sumner was:
Portrait of John TathamJohn Tatham
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
John Tatham was:
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