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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Broken Journey

Broken Journey

Release Date: 1948-04-14 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Phyllis CalvertPhyllis Calvert
Mary Johnstone
Phyllis Calvert was:
Portrait of James DonaldJames Donald
Bill Haverton
James Donald was:
Portrait of Margot GrahameMargot Grahame
Joanna Dane
Margot Grahame was:
Portrait of Francis L. SullivanFrancis L. Sullivan
Anton Perami
Francis L. Sullivan was:
Portrait of Guy RolfeGuy Rolfe
Captain Fox
Guy Rolfe was:
Portrait of David TomlinsonDavid Tomlinson
Jimmy Marshall
David Tomlinson was:
Portrait of Raymond HuntleyRaymond Huntley
Edward Marshall
Raymond Huntley was:
Portrait of Derek BondDerek Bond
Richard Faber
Derek Bond was:
Portrait of Grey BlakeGrey Blake
John Barber
Grey Blake was:
Portrait of Sonia HolmSonia Holm
Anne Stephens
Sonia Holm was:
Portrait of Andrew CrawfordAndrew Crawford
Kid Cormack
Andrew Crawford was:
Portrait of Charles VictorCharles Victor
Harry Gunn
Charles Victor was:
Portrait of Gerard HeinzGerard Heinz
Gerard Heinz was:
Portrait of Mary HintonMary Hinton
Mrs. Barber
Mary Hinton was:
Portrait of Jan Van LoewenJan Van Loewen
Opera House Director
Jan Van Loewen was:
Portrait of Arthur GoulletArthur Goullet
1st Guide
Arthur Goullet was:
Portrait of Leo BieberLeo Bieber
2nd Guide
Leo Bieber was:
Portrait of Bonar ColleanoBonar Colleano
Reporter (uncredited)
Bonar Colleano was:
Portrait of Philo HauserPhilo Hauser
Ambulance Man (uncredited)
Philo Hauser was:
Portrait of Ferdy MayneFerdy Mayne
Pelotti (uncredited)
Ferdy Mayne was:
Portrait of Jim O'BradyJim O'Brady
Man Pushing Past Mary (uncredited)
Jim O'Brady was:
Portrait of Karl StepanekKarl Stepanek
Swiss Officer (uncredited)
Karl Stepanek was:
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