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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Clay, Smeddum and Greenden

Clay, Smeddum and Greenden

Release Date: 1976-02-24 (46 years ago)
Portrait of Gerda StevensonGerda Stevenson
Rachel Galt
Gerda Stevenson was:
Portrait of Victor CarinVictor Carin
Rob Galt
Victor Carin was:
Portrait of Leonard MaguireLeonard Maguire
Old Galt
Leonard Maguire was:
Portrait of Anne KristenAnne Kristen
Mrs. Galt
Anne Kristen was:
Portrait of Eileen McCallumEileen McCallum
Meg Menzies
Eileen McCallum was:
Portrait of Fulton MackayFulton Mackay
Alec Webster
Fulton Mackay was:
Portrait of Bill FraserBill Fraser
Bill Fraser was:
Portrait of Joan FitzpatrickJoan Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Murdoch
Joan Fitzpatrick was:
Portrait of Bill GavinBill Gavin
Bill Gavin was:
Portrait of Robert TrotterRobert Trotter
Will Menzies
Robert Trotter was:
Portrait of Paul KellyPaul Kelly
Dod Menzies
Paul Kelly was:
Portrait of Angus LennieAngus Lennie
Angus Lennie was:
Portrait of Pauline RaePauline Rae
Kathie Menzies (as a child)
Pauline Rae was:
Portrait of Ruth MurrayRuth Murray
Jeannie Menzies (as a child)
Ruth Murray was:
Portrait of Neal FideloNeal Fidelo
Jim Menzies (as a child)
Neal Fidelo was:
Portrait of Billy RiddochBilly Riddoch
Jock Menzies
Billy Riddoch was:
Portrait of Maev AlexanderMaev Alexander
Kathie Menzies
Maev Alexander was:
Portrait of Terry CaversTerry Cavers
Ag Grant
Terry Cavers was:
Portrait of Paul YoungPaul Young
John Robb
Paul Young was:
Portrait of Fiona KnowlesFiona Knowles
Jeannie Menzies
Fiona Knowles was:
Portrait of Graeme GreenoweGraeme Greenowe
Jim Menzies
Graeme Greenowe was:
Portrait of Denis AgnewDenis Agnew
Clerk from Brechin
Denis Agnew was:
Portrait of Claire NielsonClaire Nielson
Ellen Simpson
Claire Nielson was:
Portrait of Brian CoxBrian Cox
George Simpson
Brian Cox was:
Portrait of Isobel GardnerIsobel Gardner
Jeannie Murdoch
Isobel Gardner was:
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