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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Take My Life

Take My Life

Release Date: Friday, May 30 1947 (75 years ago)
Portrait of Hugh WilliamsHugh Williams
Nicholas Talbot
Hugh Williams was:
Portrait of Greta GyntGreta Gynt
Phillipa Shelley
Greta Gynt was:
Portrait of Marius GoringMarius Goring
Sidney Fleming
Marius Goring was:
Portrait of Francis L. SullivanFrancis L. Sullivan
Prosecuting Counsel
Francis L. Sullivan was:
Portrait of Henry EdwardsHenry Edwards
Inspector Archer
Henry Edwards was:
Portrait of Rosalie CrutchleyRosalie Crutchley
Elizabeth Rusman
Rosalie Crutchley was:
Portrait of Marjorie MarsMarjorie Mars
Joan Newcombe
Marjorie Mars was:
Portrait of Maurice DenhamMaurice Denham
Defense Counsel
Maurice Denham was:
Portrait of Margaret BoydMargaret Boyd
Mrs. Turnbull
Margaret Boyd was:
Portrait of Leo BieberLeo Bieber
Parone, Orchestra Conductor
Leo Bieber was:
Portrait of Herbert C. WaltonHerbert C. Walton
Herbert C. Walton was:
Portrait of Dodd MehanDodd Mehan
Dodd Mehan was:
Portrait of Hugh KellyHugh Kelly
Casualty Ward Doctor
Hugh Kelly was:
Portrait of Dorothy BramhallDorothy Bramhall
Dorothy Bramhall was:
Portrait of Nelly ArnoNelly Arno
Mrs. Rusman
Nelly Arno was:
Portrait of Frederick MorantFrederick Morant
Concert Agent
Frederick Morant was:
Portrait of Grace Denbigh RussellGrace Denbigh Russell
Orchestra Leader
Grace Denbigh Russell was:
Portrait of Eleanor SummerfieldEleanor Summerfield
Miss Carteret
Eleanor Summerfield was:
Portrait of Olive WalterOlive Walter
Mrs. Langridge
Olive Walter was:
Portrait of Patrick SusandsPatrick Susands
Patrick Susands was:
Portrait of Henry MorrellHenry Morrell
Henry Morrell was:
Portrait of Leo BrittLeo Britt
John Newcombe
Leo Britt was:
Portrait of Keith LloydKeith Lloyd
Bungey Baker
Keith Lloyd was:
Portrait of Deidre DoyleDeidre Doyle
Annie Baird
Deidre Doyle was:
Portrait of Ronald AdamRonald Adam
Det Sgt Hawkins - Deaf Man
Ronald Adam was:
Portrait of David WalbridgeDavid Walbridge
Leslie Newcombe
David Walbridge was:
Portrait of J. Hubert LeslieJ. Hubert Leslie
Angus Baird
J. Hubert Leslie was:
Portrait of John BoxerJohn Boxer
Policeman Making Charge Statement (Uncredited)
John Boxer was:
Portrait of Madge BrindleyMadge Brindley
Lady with Children at Station (Uncredited)
Madge Brindley was:
Portrait of Daniel BrownDaniel Brown
Man in Pub (Uncredited)
Daniel Brown was:
Portrait of Gerald CampionGerald Campion
Newspaper Seller at Station (Uncredited)
Gerald Campion was:
Portrait of Dennis HarkinDennis Harkin
Man in Phone Box at Station (Uncredited)
Dennis Harkin was:
Portrait of Fred NicholasFred Nicholas
Detective Kellett (Uncredited)
Fred Nicholas was:
Portrait of Campbell SingerCampbell Singer
Police Station Sergeant (Uncredited)
Campbell Singer was:
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