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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Double Confession

Double Confession

Release Date: Saturday, April 1 1950 (72 years ago)
Portrait of Derek FarrDerek Farr
Jim Medway
Derek Farr was:
Portrait of Joan HopkinsJoan Hopkins
Ann Corday
Joan Hopkins was:
Portrait of Peter LorrePeter Lorre
Peter Lorre was:
Portrait of William HartnellWilliam Hartnell
Charlie Durham
William Hartnell was:
Portrait of Naunton WayneNaunton Wayne
Inspector Tenby
Naunton Wayne was:
Portrait of Ronald HowardRonald Howard
Hilary Boscombe
Ronald Howard was:
Portrait of Kathleen HarrisonKathleen Harrison
Kathleen Harrison was:
Portrait of Leslie DwyerLeslie Dwyer
Leslie Dwyer was:
Portrait of Edward RigbyEdward Rigby
The Fisherman
Edward Rigby was:
Portrait of George WoodbridgeGeorge Woodbridge
Sgt. Sawnton
George Woodbridge was:
Portrait of Henry EdwardsHenry Edwards
Man in the Shelter
Henry Edwards was:
Portrait of Mona WashbourneMona Washbourne
Fussy Mother
Mona Washbourne was:
Portrait of Vida HopeVida Hope
Madam Zilia
Vida Hope was:
Portrait of Esma CannonEsma Cannon
Madam Cleo
Esma Cannon was:
Portrait of Andrew LeighAndrew Leigh
The Reserved Man
Andrew Leigh was:
Portrait of Fred GriffithsFred Griffiths
The Spiv
Fred Griffiths was:
Portrait of Jane GriffithsJane Griffiths
First Girl
Jane Griffiths was:
Portrait of Diana ConnellDiana Connell
Second Girl
Diana Connell was:
Portrait of Hal OsmondHal Osmond
Shooting Gallery Attendant
Hal Osmond was:
Portrait of Norman AstridgeNorman Astridge
Norman Astridge was:
Portrait of Roy PlomleyRoy Plomley
Ticket Collector
Roy Plomley was:
Portrait of Jennifer CrossJennifer Cross
Fussy Mother's Child
Jennifer Cross was:
Portrait of Betty NelsonBetty Nelson
Girl at Shooting Gallery
Betty Nelson was:
Portrait of Sidney VivianSidney Vivian
Ring Stall Attendant
Sidney Vivian was:
Portrait of Peter ButterworthPeter Butterworth
Joe (uncredited)
Peter Butterworth was:
Portrait of Grace Denbigh RussellGrace Denbigh Russell
Nosey Woman (uncredited)
Grace Denbigh Russell was:
Portrait of Arthur MullardArthur Mullard
Stretcher-bearer (uncredited)
Arthur Mullard was:
Portrait of Pat RyanPat Ryan
Man in Arcade (uncredited)
Pat Ryan was:
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