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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Killer Condom

Killer Condom

Release Date: 1996-08-29 (24 years ago)
Udo Samel
Luigi Mackeroni
Udo Samel was:
Peter Lohmeyer
Sam Hanks
Peter Lohmeyer was:
Iris Berben
Frau Dr. Riffleson
Iris Berben was:
Marc Richter
Marc Richter was:
Leonard Lansink
Babette (Bob Miller)
Leonard Lansink was:
Evelyn Künneke
Leichenbeschauerin Wilma
Evelyn Künneke was:
Hella von Sinnen
Detektivin Sally
Hella von Sinnen was:
Heribert Sasse
Mann vom Secret Service
Heribert Sasse was:
Meret Becker
Phyllis Higgins
Meret Becker was:
Gerd Wameling
Her Teacher
Gerd Wameling was:
Henning Schlüter
Hotelchef Robinson
Henning Schlüter was:
Ralf Wolter
Prof. Boris Smirnoff
Ralf Wolter was:
Ron Williams
Chief of Police
Ron Williams was:
Otto Sander
Mr. Higgins
Otto Sander was:
Monika Hansen
Mrs. Higgins
Monika Hansen was:
Gode Benedix
Policeman O'Brian
Gode Benedix was:
Weijian Liu
Dr. Riffleson's Assistant
Weijian Liu was:
Peter Krüger
Joe Baluga
Peter Krüger was:
Adriana Altaras
Croatian Tourist
Adriana Altaras was:
Georg-Martin Bode
Dick McGouvern
Georg-Martin Bode was:
Nicolette Krebitz
Nicolette Krebitz was:
Sophie Rois
Sophie Rois was:
Anna Thalbach
Anna Thalbach was:
Rumme Beck
Rumme Beck was:
Carsten Buck
Carsten Buck was:
Inga Busch
Inga Busch was:
Miguel Doughty
Miguel Doughty was:
Simone Duve
Simone Duve was:
Mbaye Faye
Mbaye Faye was:
Ubi Ferguson
Ubi Ferguson was:
Fetisch Bergmann
Fetisch Bergmann was:
Daniel Ganz
Daniel Ganz was:
Ajo Gnädig
Ajo Gnädig was:
Peter Grüning
Peter Grüning was:
Alexander Hacke
Alexander Hacke was:
Florian Körner
Florian Körner was:
Dina Leipzig
Dina Leipzig was:
Dani Levy
Prostitute's Client
Dani Levy was:
Gloria Lokwe
Gloria Lokwe was:
Lillemor Mallau
McGouvern's Ladylove
Lillemor Mallau was:
Emanuela Mattioli
Emanuela Mattioli was:
Robert Viktor Minich
Robert Viktor Minich was:
Tanya Pecanov
Tanya Pecanov was:
Barbara Philipp
Barbara Philipp was:
Rica Pöhlmann-Röll
Rica Pöhlmann-Röll was:
Bob Rutman
Bob Rutman was:
Sven Schencke
Sven Schencke was:
Jens Sieloff
Jens Sieloff was:
Amira Soeiro
Amira Soeiro was:
Manfred Stavenhagen
Manfred Stavenhagen was:
Jochen Stezelczyk
Jochen Stezelczyk was:
Johannes Stezelczyk
Johannes Stezelczyk was:
Peppi Streich
Peppi Streich was:
Laurie Tomin
Laurie Tomin was:
Jack Trösch
Jack Trösch was:
Arndt Wiegering
Arndt Wiegering was:
Ades Zabel
Transvestit (in Hotel Quickie)
Ades Zabel was:
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