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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2011-10-21 (9 years ago)
Jamie Campbell Bower
Young Earl of Oxford
Jamie Campbell Bower was:
Rhys Ifans
Edward de Vere
Rhys Ifans was:
David Thewlis
William Cecil
David Thewlis was:
Joely Richardson
Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Joely Richardson was:
Vanessa Redgrave
Queen Elizabeth I
Vanessa Redgrave was:
Sebastian Armesto
Ben Jonson
Sebastian Armesto was:
Rafe Spall
William Shakespeare
Rafe Spall was:
Edward Hogg
Robert Cecil
Edward Hogg was:
Xavier Samuel
Earl of Southampton
Xavier Samuel was:
Sam Reid
Earl of Essex
Sam Reid was:
Paolo De Vita
Paolo De Vita was:
Trystan Gravelle
Christopher Marlowe
Trystan Gravelle was:
Robert Emms
Thomas Dekker
Robert Emms was:
Tony Way
Thomas Nashe
Tony Way was:
Julian Bleach
Captain Richard Pole
Julian Bleach was:
Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi was:
Alex Hassell
Alex Hassell was:
James Garnon
John Heminge
James Garnon was:
Mark Rylance
Mark Rylance was:
Jasper Britton
Jasper Britton was:
Ned Dennehy
Ned Dennehy was:
John Keogh
Philip Henslowe
John Keogh was:
Lloyd Hutchinson
Richard Burbage
Lloyd Hutchinson was:
Vicky Krieps
Bessie Vavasour
Vicky Krieps was:
Helen Baxendale
Anne De Vere
Helen Baxendale was:
Paula Schramm
Bridget De Vere
Paula Schramm was:
Amy Kwolek
Young Anne De Vere
Amy Kwolek was:
Luke Thomas Taylor
Boy Earl of Oxford
Luke Thomas Taylor was:
Isaiah Michalski
Boy Robert Cecil
Isaiah Michalski was:
Timo Huber
Boy Earl of Southampton
Timo Huber was:
Richard Durden
Richard Durden was:
Shaun Lawton
Shaun Lawton was:
Detlef Bothe
John De Vere
Detlef Bothe was:
James Clyde
King James I
James Clyde was:
Christian Sengewald
Cecil's Spy Servant
Christian Sengewald was:
Jean-Loup Fourure
Monsieur Beaulieu
Jean-Loup Fourure was:
Victoria Gabrysch
Buxom Lady
Victoria Gabrysch was:
Axel Sichrovsky
Essex General
Axel Sichrovsky was:
Katrin Pollitt
Katrin Pollitt was:
Patricia Grove
Patricia Grove was:
Laura Lo Zito
Selling Maid
Laura Lo Zito was:
Gode Benedix
Gode Benedix was:
Nic Romm
Nic Romm was:
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
Bear Baiter
Henry Lloyd-Hughes was:
Patrick Diemling
Oxford's Servant
Patrick Diemling was:
Patrick Heyn
Oxford's Doctor
Patrick Heyn was:
Nino Sandow
Stage Manager (New York)
Nino Sandow was:
Craig Salisbury
Dwarf / Puck
Craig Salisbury was:
Rainer Guldener
Rainer Guldener was:
Trystan Pütter
Trystan Pütter was:
André Kaczmarczyk
André Kaczmarczyk was:
Jonas Hämmerle
Child Oberon
Jonas Hämmerle was:
Mike Maas
Pole's Commander
Mike Maas was:
Christian Leonard
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Christian Leonard was:
Christian Banzhaf
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Christian Banzhaf was:
Victoria Calero
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Victoria Calero was:
Martin Engler
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Martin Engler was:
Alfred Hartung
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Alfred Hartung was:
Oliver Kube
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Oliver Kube was:
Christian Ludwig
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Christian Ludwig was:
Oliver Rickenbacher
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Oliver Rickenbacher was:
Claudius von Stolzmann
Stage Player: Shakespeare Company
Claudius von Stolzmann was:
Tjafke Biallowons
Tjafke Biallowons was:
Dafne-Maria Fielder
Dafne-Maria Fielder was:
Alexander Flache
Alexander Flache was:
Antonia Gerke
Antonia Gerke was:
Sophie Hichert
Sophie Hichert was:
Vera Kreyer
Vera Kreyer was:
Stefanie Lanius
Stefanie Lanius was:
Urban Luig
Urban Luig was:
Jasmin Mehling
Jasmin Mehling was:
Elisabeth Milarch
Elisabeth Milarch was:
Robert Munzinger
Robert Munzinger was:
Benjamin Plath
Benjamin Plath was:
Erik Studte
Erik Studte was:
Johann Hakob Wurster
Johann Hakob Wurster was:
Steffi Sattler
First Lady to King James I (uncredited)
Steffi Sattler was:
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