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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bandits in Rome

Bandits in Rome

Release Date: 1968-11-20 (52 years ago)
John Cassavetes
Mario Corda
John Cassavetes was:
Gabriele Ferzetti
Gabriele Ferzetti was:
Anita Sanders
Lea Vallini
Anita Sanders was:
Nikos Kourkoulos
Nikos Kourkoulos was:
Riccardo Cucciolla
Vice Commissioner Pascuttini
Riccardo Cucciolla was:
Luigi Pistilli
Luigi Pistilli was:
Marisa Traversi
Blonde Prostitute
Marisa Traversi was:
Osvaldo Ruggieri
Inspector Sernesi
Osvaldo Ruggieri was:
Guido Lollobrigida
Angelo Scotese
Guido Lollobrigida was:
Piero Morgia
Carlo Taddei
Piero Morgia was:
Marc Fiorini
Luciano Tarquini
Marc Fiorini was:
Luigi Casellato
Vice Commissioner Angeletti
Luigi Casellato was:
Fausto Pollicino
Fausto Pollicino was:
Clara Bindi
Signora Gioielleria
Clara Bindi was:
Fajda Nicol
Brunette Prostitute
Fajda Nicol was:
Ugo Adinolfi
Ugo Adinolfi was:
Rossella Bergamonti
Rossella Bergamonti was:
Aldo Bonamano
Aldo Bonamano was:
Pier Paolo Capponi
Director of Supermarket
Pier Paolo Capponi was:
Giovanni Di Benedetto
Giovanni Di Benedetto was:
Orso Maria Guerrini
Lo Cascio
Orso Maria Guerrini was:
Giancarlo Prete
Giancarlo Prete was:
Giuliano Raffaelli
Giuliano Raffaelli was:
Barbara Herrera
Barbara Herrera was:
Fabrizio Jovine
Fabrizio Jovine was:
Sergio Mioni
Sergio Mioni was:
Corrado Olmi
Corrado Olmi was:
Giuseppe Valdembrini
Giuseppe Valdembrini was:
Ferruccio Viotti
Ferruccio Viotti was:
Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia
Blind Man
Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia was:
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