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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2018-09-23 (2 years ago)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jerry Brinson
Jake Gyllenhaal was:
Carey Mulligan
Jeanette Brinson
Carey Mulligan was:
Ed Oxenbould
Joe Brinson
Ed Oxenbould was:
Zoe Colletti
Zoe Colletti was:
Bill Camp
Warren Miller
Bill Camp was:
Travis W Bruyer
Travis W Bruyer was:
Tom Huston Orr
Mr. Cartwright
Tom Huston Orr was:
Darryl Cox
Clarence Snow
Darryl Cox was:
Ginger Gilmartin
Ginger Gilmartin was:
Michael Gibbons
Michael Gibbons was:
Mollie Milligan
Mollie Milligan was:
John Walpole
John Walpole was:
J. Alan Davidson
J. Alan Davidson was:
Jennifer Rogers
Female Employee
Jennifer Rogers was:
Richard L. Olsen
Older Policeman
Richard L. Olsen was:
Lexi Anastasia
Lady (uncredited)
Lexi Anastasia was:
Avery Bagenstos
Football Player (uncredited)
Avery Bagenstos was:
Kaye Brownlee-France
Grocery Store Customer (uncredited)
Kaye Brownlee-France was:
Laurie Cummings
Wealthy Car Buyer (uncredited)
Laurie Cummings was:
Stacy Casaluci
Barmaid (uncredited)
Stacy Casaluci was:
Jay Dee
Firefighter (uncredited)
Jay Dee was:
JR Hatchett
Firefighter (uncredited)
JR Hatchett was:
Sara Moore
Student (uncredited)
Sara Moore was:
Blaine Maye
Groom (uncredited)
Blaine Maye was:
Dale Murphy
Firefighter (uncredited)
Dale Murphy was:
Marshall Virden
Firefighter (uncredited)
Marshall Virden was:
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