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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Death Race

Death Race

Release Date: Friday, August 22 2008 (14 years ago)
Portrait of Jason StathamJason Statham
Jensen Ames
Jason Statham was:
Portrait of Joan AllenJoan Allen
Warden Hennessey
Joan Allen was:
Portrait of Ian McShaneIan McShane
Ian McShane was:
Portrait of Tyrese GibsonTyrese Gibson
Machine Gun Joe Mason
Tyrese Gibson was:
Portrait of Natalie MartinezNatalie Martinez
Elizabeth Case
Natalie Martinez was:
Portrait of Max RyanMax Ryan
Max Ryan was:
Portrait of Jason ClarkeJason Clarke
Guard Ulrich
Jason Clarke was:
Portrait of Frederick KoehlerFrederick Koehler
Frederick Koehler was:
Portrait of Jacob VargasJacob Vargas
Jacob Vargas was:
Portrait of Justin MaderJustin Mader
Travis Colt
Justin Mader was:
Portrait of Robert LaSardoRobert LaSardo
Hector Grimm
Robert LaSardo was:
Portrait of Robin ShouRobin Shou
Robin Shou was:
Portrait of Benz AntoineBenz Antoine
Joe's Navigator
Benz Antoine was:
Portrait of Danny Blanco HallDanny Blanco Hall
Joe's Navigator
Danny Blanco Hall was:
Portrait of Christian PaulChristian Paul
Joe's Navigator
Christian Paul was:
Portrait of Janaya StephensJanaya Stephens
Janaya Stephens was:
Portrait of John FallonJohn Fallon
Neo Nazi
John Fallon was:
Portrait of Bruce McFeeBruce McFee
Old Timer
Bruce McFee was:
Portrait of Cory FantieCory Fantie
Disgusted Worker
Cory Fantie was:
Portrait of Russell FerrierRussell Ferrier
Angry Worker
Russell Ferrier was:
Portrait of Anna-Marie Frances LeaAnna-Marie Frances Lea
Nasty Teller
Anna-Marie Frances Lea was:
Portrait of Dan JeannotteDan Jeannotte
Hennessey Tech
Dan Jeannotte was:
Portrait of David CarradineDavid Carradine
Frankenstein (voice over)
David Carradine was:
Portrait of Abdul AyoolaAbdul Ayoola
Siad (uncredited)
Abdul Ayoola was:
Portrait of Melantha BlackthorneMelantha Blackthorne
Pachenko's Navigator (uncredited)
Melantha Blackthorne was:
Portrait of Lydie BounayLydie Bounay
BMW Navigator (uncredited)
Lydie Bounay was:
Portrait of Ruth ChiangRuth Chiang
14K's Navigator (uncredited)
Ruth Chiang was:
Portrait of Carolyn DayCarolyn Day
Colt's Navigator (uncredited)
Carolyn Day was:
Portrait of Marie France DenoncourtMarie France Denoncourt
Trans Am #2 Navigator (uncredited)
Marie France Denoncourt was:
Portrait of Miguel DugalMiguel Dugal
Pachenko's Goon (uncredited)
Miguel Dugal was:
Portrait of Jere GillisJere Gillis
Policeman #2 (uncredited)
Jere Gillis was:
Portrait of Nathalie GirardNathalie Girard
Boattail Navigator (uncredited)
Nathalie Girard was:
Portrait of Sharlene RoyerSharlene Royer
Grimm's Navigator (uncredited)
Sharlene Royer was:
Portrait of Gerardo Lo DicoGerardo Lo Dico
Prison Guard - 2008 (uncredited)
Gerardo Lo Dico was:
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