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Release Date: 1954-09-04 (67 years ago)
Jack Webb
Sgt. Joe Friday
Jack Webb was:
Ben Alexander
Officer Frank Smith
Ben Alexander was:
Richard Boone
Capt .James E. Hamilton
Richard Boone was:
Ann Robinson
Officer Grace Downey
Ann Robinson was:
Stacy Harris
Max Edward Troy
Stacy Harris was:
Virginia Gregg
Mrs. Ethel Starkie
Virginia Gregg was:
Vic Perrin
Adolph Alexander, Asst. Chief Deputy D.A. (as Victor Perrin)
Vic Perrin was:
Georgia Ellis
Belle Davitt
Georgia Ellis was:
James Griffith
Jesse Quinn
James Griffith was:
Dick Cathcart
Roy Cleaver
Dick Cathcart was:
Malcolm Atterbury
Lee Reinhard
Malcolm Atterbury was:
Willard Sage
Chester Davitt
Willard Sage was:
Olan Soule
Ray Pinker, Forensic Chemist
Olan Soule was:
Dennis Weaver
Police Captain R.A. Lohrman
Dennis Weaver was:
Monte Masters
Fabian Gerard
Monte Masters was:
Herb Vigran
Mr. Archer
Herb Vigran was:
Virginia Christine
Mrs. Caldwell
Virginia Christine was:
Guy Hamilton
Walker Scott
Guy Hamilton was:
Ramsay Williams
Wesley Cannon (as Ramsey Williams)
Ramsay Williams was:
William Boyett
Grand Jury Bailiff (uncredited)
William Boyett was:
James Anderson
James Anderson was:
Art Aragon
Art Aragon was:
Cliff Arquette
Cliff Arquette was:
Harry Bartell
Harry Bartell was:
Arthur Berkeley
Arthur Berkeley was:
Ralph Brooks
Ralph Brooks was:
Dick Crockett
Dick Crockett was:
Jean Dean
Jean Dean was:
Sayre Dearing
Sayre Dearing was:
Ross Elliott
Ross Elliott was:
Herbert Ellis
Herbert Ellis was:
Mel Ford
Mel Ford was:
Art Gilmore
Art Gilmore was:
Harper Goff
Harper Goff was:
James Gonzalez
James Gonzalez was:
Robert Griffin
Robert Griffin was:
Stuart Hall
Stuart Hall was:
Sam Harris
Sam Harris was:
Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson was:
Bert Holland
Bert Holland was:
Mauritz Hugo
Mauritz Hugo was:
Gayle Kellogg
Gayle Kellogg was:
Fred Kelsey
Fred Kelsey was:
Harry Lauter
Harry Lauter was:
Patrick Miller
Patrick Miller was:
Meg Myles
Meg Myles was:
Robert North
Robert North was:
Ken Osborne
Ken Osborne was:
Dick Paxton
Dick Paxton was:
Jack Perrin
Jack Perrin was:
Jack Perry
Jack Perry was:
Ken Peters
Ken Peters was:
John Roy
John Roy was:
Ray Saunders
Ray Saunders was:
George Sawaya
George Sawaya was:
Hazel Shermet
Hazel Shermet was:
Leslie Sketchley
Thad Brown (uncredited)
Leslie Sketchley was:
Stephen Soldi
Stephen Soldi was:
Jack Sterling
Jack Sterling was:
Bert Stevens
Bert Stevens was:
Hal Taggart
Hal Taggart was:
Dub Taylor
Dub Taylor was:
Harlan Warde
Harlan Warde was:
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