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Poster of Entr'acte


Release Date: Thursday, December 4 1924 (98 years ago)
Portrait of Jean BörlinJean Börlin
Hunter / Magician
Jean Börlin was:
Portrait of Inge FrïssInge Frïss
Bearded ballet dancer
Inge Frïss was:
Portrait of Marcel DuchampMarcel Duchamp
Chess player, black set
Marcel Duchamp was:
Portrait of Man RayMan Ray
Chess player, white set
Man Ray was:
Portrait of Francis PicabiaFrancis Picabia
A man loading the cannon
Francis Picabia was:
Portrait of Darius MilhaudDarius Milhaud
Darius Milhaud was:
Portrait of Marcel AchardMarcel Achard
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Marcel Achard was:
Portrait of Georges AuricGeorges Auric
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Georges Auric was:
Portrait of Georges CharensolGeorges Charensol
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Georges Charensol was:
Portrait of Georges LacombeGeorges Lacombe
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Georges Lacombe was:
Portrait of Roger Le BonRoger Le Bon
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Roger Le Bon was:
Portrait of Jean MamyJean Mamy
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Jean Mamy was:
Portrait of Rolf de MaréRolf de Maré
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Rolf de Maré was:
Portrait of Erik SatieErik Satie
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Erik Satie was:
Portrait of Pierre ScizePierre Scize
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Pierre Scize was:
Portrait of Louis TouchagesLouis Touchages
A man following the hearse (uncredited)
Louis Touchages was:
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