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Poster of Patria


Release Date: Sunday, January 14 1917 (105 years ago)
Portrait of Irene CastleIrene Castle
Patria Channing / Elaine
Irene Castle was:
Portrait of Milton SillsMilton Sills
Capt. Donald Parr
Milton Sills was:
Portrait of Warner OlandWarner Oland
Baron Huroki
Warner Oland was:
Portrait of George MajeroniGeorge Majeroni
Juan de Lima
George Majeroni was:
Portrait of Wallace BeeryWallace Beery
Pancho Villa
Wallace Beery was:
Portrait of Marie WalcampMarie Walcamp
Bess Morgan
Marie Walcamp was:
Portrait of Allan MurnaneAllan Murnane
Rodney Wrenn
Allan Murnane was:
Portrait of F.W. StewartF.W. Stewart
F.W. Stewart was:
Portrait of Rudolph ValentinoRudolph Valentino
Dancer in Club (uncredited)
Rudolph Valentino was:
Portrait of Jack HoltJack Holt
Jack Holt was:
Portrait of Sôjin KamiyamaSôjin Kamiyama
Sojin (as Sojin)
Sôjin Kamiyama was:
Portrait of Dorothy GreenDorothy Green
Fanny Blair
Dorothy Green was:
Portrait of Floyd BuckleyFloyd Buckley
Floyd Buckley was:
Portrait of Nigel BarrieNigel Barrie
Nigel Barrie was:
Portrait of Charles BrinleyCharles Brinley
Charles Brinley was:
Portrait of George LesseyGeorge Lessey
George Lessey was:
Portrait of M.W. RaleM.W. Rale
M.W. Rale was:
Portrait of Leroy BakerLeroy Baker
Leroy Baker was:
Portrait of Elsie BakerElsie Baker
Elsie Baker was:
Portrait of Howard CodyHoward Cody
Howard Cody was:
Portrait of Frank HondaFrank Honda
Frank Honda was:
Portrait of Robin H. TownleyRobin H. Townley
Robin H. Townley was:
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