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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck

The Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck

Release Date: 1984-01-24 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Marlo ThomasMarlo Thomas
Kathryn Beck
Marlo Thomas was:
Portrait of Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson
Ben Cole
Kris Kristofferson was:
Portrait of George DzundzaGeorge Dzundza
Lt. DeCarlo
George Dzundza was:
Portrait of Jon DeVriesJon DeVries
Bob Fuhrman
Jon DeVries was:
Portrait of David RascheDavid Rasche
Donald Catton
David Rasche was:
Portrait of Linda ThorsonLinda Thorson
Cory Fuhrman
Linda Thorson was:
Portrait of Edward WinterEdward Winter
Carl Macaluso
Edward Winter was:
Portrait of Randy RoccaRandy Rocca
Det. Gerry Astarte
Randy Rocca was:
Portrait of Christine EstabrookChristine Estabrook
Janet Reiss
Christine Estabrook was:
Portrait of Steven WilliamsSteven Williams
Les Averback
Steven Williams was:
Portrait of Ron ParadyRon Parady
James McLandish
Ron Parady was:
Portrait of William LeachWilliam Leach
Harry Flynn
William Leach was:
Portrait of Belinda BremnerBelinda Bremner
Mary Siebel
Belinda Bremner was:
Portrait of Mike GenoveseMike Genovese
Sgt. Ornett
Mike Genovese was:
Portrait of Jack McLaughlin-GrayJack McLaughlin-Gray
Jack McLaughlin-Gray was:
Portrait of Ralph FoodyRalph Foody
Ralph Foody was:
Portrait of Bruno AlexanderBruno Alexander
Bruno Alexander was:
Portrait of Cynthia BakerCynthia Baker
Cynthia Baker was:
Portrait of Ron BeattieRon Beattie
Ron Beattie was:
Portrait of Richard BrownRichard Brown
Richard Brown was:
Portrait of Susan BuggSusan Bugg
Susan Bugg was:
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